Larimer County Fair Board Meeting

7:00 p.m. January 25, 2012

Excused: John Lee, Sandi Elliott

Meeting was called to order by Gil Barela, Chairman, at 7:00    p.m.

The minutes of the December 14, 2011 meeting were approved as distributed.  Motion made by  Gary.      Seconded by  Steve Humann. 

Public Comment:  None

Correspondence:  Letter from Gil Barela to Straight Legged Horseshoeing requesting payment.

Chairman’s Report: Gil thanked everyone for their support for electing him to be chairman. He distributed the dates of the fair board meeting dates in 2012 and an updated version of the member contact list. He also asked all to indicate sizes needed for the shirt order.

Committee Reports:

Pancake Breakfast: Gary asked all who were interested to come to a planning meeting at 6:00 p.m. February 22 prior to the fair board meeting.

Parade: Pat will be calling a meeting for a parade committee, perhaps jointly with the pancake breakfast committee meeting.

Queens: Pat reported that the committee has reviewed the recommended changes and has held discussions with the county attorney. Pat moved that the fair board accept the latest changes to the L.C. Rodeo and Fair Queen’s Royalty handbook. Greg seconded. Steve asked for a friendly amendment to recommend approval to the executive committee and that the previous handbook that was recommended be rescinded. Friendly amendment was accepted. Motion carried. The Queens attended the National Western Stock Show for five days and represented Larimer County very well.

Guest Services: Francis talked to Katy Mason about senior tax work-off volunteers and has completed the paperwork to request their assistance. Gil asked for volunteers for the guest services committee.

Partner Reports:

Extension: Dairy animal project numbers are up as are goat projects. Pam is back at work full time.

Rodeo: Starting to meet with Ryan about marketing to create posters. Richard Rule, Steve Humann, Rick Harris are the rodeo committee members. There are other volunteers who help.

The Ranch: Liz reported the event coordinators met with Extension Office staff on the schedule; Carriage Rides and a new petting zoo are secured. Liz is working on carts, radios, electricity, arrangements etc. The first meeting re. Gnarly Barley is next week.  Last year there were 143 booths. Rachel reported that the fishing pond, Splash Dogs, Extreme Illusions (magic act), and Play With Gravity have been secured. She is trying to get CSU’s Ag Adventure. Working on getting bands secured. The pig races are not returning due to conflicts with their schedules.

Bob said they are really focusing on entertainment during these winter months. He said he is happy to answer questions about the budget. Gil will ask a fair board member to meet with Diana about the budget, then the member will report to the fair board. Bob discussed the purpose of the dashboard - - that it is not a budget report - - just a snapshot that shows trends.



All expenses go through Oracle and the detail is provided to the committees. Event accounting is not GAP accounting. The county’s accounting system does not do project accounting. The Ranch uses direct and indirect accounting within the event accounting system.  Staff costs are reflected as direct costs and these are charged against the fair costs. Bob’s and Mary’s time are indirect costs.

Liaison Reports:

Junior Livestock Committee:  Still need a vice chairman. The next meeting is next Tuesday.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink: Alan Rankin reported the Applebee’s breakfast fund raiser will be March 31 at Loveland Applebee’s, 8 – 10 a.m. National Cowboy Day breakfast at JAX parking lot will be held.  July 21 is when the golf tournament will be held.

Budget: No further discussion.

New Business:  Items for the Executive Committee Meeting Agenda:

                Recommendation re. royalty handbook

                Gil proposed the option of producing a video about the history of the fair. John gave an overview of some possibilities. He would volunteer his time to do something like this. He thought the challenge would likely be finding funding for broadcast quality video which runs ~$1000 per minute. Gary moved to further explore this option and include Ryan Young in the discussions. Alan seconded. Motion carried. John will bring a proposal to the next meeting.

                Alan asked about co-promoting Tough Enough to Wear Pink with the Weld County Fair.

Old Business: 

                If fair board members hear of concerns from the public, individual meetings will be coordinated with the appropriate people from The Ranch or other parties in charge:

Abby:  Arena and Pavilions, camping, load-in, rodeo liaison

Liz: Layout and Grounds, parade liaison,

Rachel: Entertainment, carnival, bands, kids ranchland, pancake liaison breakfast

Liz Jack: liaison to volunteer committee

Dave and Megan are being promoted. Katy is resigning to be a full time mom.

Ryan: Marketing

Ovations: same staff

Lt. Loberg and Sgt. Clancy: security

Marty Dreith will move into Richard Rule’s position and Richard is moving into the supervisor position.

A debriefing of the 2011 fair was postponed to the February meeting.

Mary is looking for different vendors in order two new shirts for fair board members.  Mary is seeking another vendor for belt buckles.

Gil and Scott asked about securing sponsorships from smaller companies that fair board members could help secure. Bob explained the complexities and importance of maintaining the integrity of sponsorships. Coordination of all sponsorship requests must be coordinated through Dave at The Ranch. Fulfillment of sponsorships is as important as securing the sponsorships. Gil and Scott will meet with Dave and Bob.

Motion to adjourn by Steve. Seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.