Larimer County Cooperative Extension Advisory Meeting

November 2, 2006



            The meeting was held in the LaPorte Room of the Thomas M. McKee 4-H Youth and Community Building at The Ranch in Loveland.  Those present were Rob Ryan, Rob Knebl, Alberto Squassabia, Ellen Donovan, Pam Harrold, Ralph Bender, Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Debbie Krumm, Mary Robertson, David Lee, Marsha Dooley, Extension Director Laurel Kubin, 4-H Extension Agents Kathy Wolfe and Gary Small, and Fred McClanahan, Jr.


            The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. by chair Rob Ryan.  Introductions were made and minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Director’s Report


  • Habitat for Humanity is interested in classes on money management, home management, being a good neighbor and getting kids involved in the 4-H program.


  • Nora Garza has been hired as a half-time Food Stamp Nutrition Education agent.  She has experience in teaching community nutrition classes and will be teaching some classes in Spanish.


  • The Belt Buckles to Bow Ties Gala will be March 17, 2007 at The Ranch.



Agent Reports


            Kathy Wolfe:


  • Working with 4-H Outreach and engaging adults in training with youth.


  • Looking for organizations that with youth to help engage them.


  • J.C. Penny Grant – funds for before and after school activities.


  • Working with outreach and school enrichment.


  • Small Victories – ½ hr. to 45 minutes long.  Curriculum helps young people make wise decisions about eating correct food in moderation.


  • Health Rocks– nutrition promotion at local schools and boys and girls clubs.


Colorado 4-H system – 100% of Larimer County 4-H used e-records in 2006.  Several trainings were held to help leaders and members become familiar with program to fill out records on their computer or hand written.  Livestock records are different from General and Home & Family Living projects.  Printed copies are available from the Extension Office. 


Fabric Grab Bags were available for 4-H members to create different clothing items from a design and style of their choice.  Completed projects were shown on October 17.  This was a fun event with no competition.


            Seasonal 4-H flyers were distributed in Fort Collins and Loveland schools.



            Gary Small:


4-H Shooting Sports Council has been formed.  Shooting sports has 300+ members with many venues needed for each discipline.  It requires much coordination with the number of members, leaders and venues involved.  A new shooting sports board was recently elected.


Marketing 4-H:  Prospective new members are referred to clubs.    A big challenge is getting kids to the meetings due to travel distances and family schedules.



Extension Showcase


Extension Showcase will be on December 7 in the Champion Auto Group Restaurant in the Budweiser Events Center.  Committee members are asked to arrive by 11:30am to greet guests.  Seating will be with a mix of members, Extension staff, guests and speakers.  There will be “Did You Know” talking points on each table.  Presentations will be 10 to 15 minutes and focus on the speakers experience with Cooperative Extension.  Speakers include:  Sarah Mitchell from Matthews House; Laurie D’Audney, City of Fort Collins; Colleen Finnman, Larimer County Food Bank; and a Larimer County 4-H member.



Trends and Issues


  • Transportation for youth from school to after school activities.


  • Number of children in poverty in Fort Collins has doubled in the last five years.


  • 37% of single parent families are at poverty levels.


  • Continuing to find ways to make residents aware of what extension can offer.


  • Let 4-H members market 4-H to other youth and adults.


  • The Larimer County 4-H Carnival will be from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on March 24 in the 1st National Bank Exhibit Hall at The Ranch.



2007 Meeting Dates:  March 1, May 3, September 6, and November 1.


2007 Extension Showcase:  December 6, 2007



The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.


Next meeting will be on Thursday, March 1 at the Larimer County Extension Office in Fort Collins.  A suggested agenda item for that meeting is “Getting Youth on the Extension Advisory Committee.”



                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                    Fred McClanahan, Jr.