Larimer County Cooperative Extension Advisory Meeting

September 14, 2006



            The meeting was held at the Larimer County Extension Office in Fort Collins.  Those present were Rob Knebl, Alberto Squassabia, Ellen Donovan, Pam Harrold, Ralph Bender, Kelly DiMartino, Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Debbie Krumm, Mary Robertson, Extension Director Laurel Kubin, Extension Agent Ernie Marx, 4-H Horse Program Coordinator LuAnn Goodyear and Fred McClanahan, Jr.


            The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. by vice chair Rob Knebl.  Introductions were made and minutes of the previous meeting were approved.



Agent Report


Ernie Marx, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Small Acreage Management, gave a report to the committee on his program areas. 


A Small Acreage Management public workshop was held September 9 with 48 individual attending from Larimer, Boulder and Weld counties.  A Small Acreage Expo will be held at The Ranch in the spring of 2007.  Big issues facing small acreage owners are too many horses per acre and too little water for irrigation.

Ernie will be teaching soils classes to Master Garners and at the Botanical Gardens in Denver.  He is also on the Pandemic Influenza Planning committee and working with Agribility, a program for farmers with disabilities.  The cucumber program contract was cancelled since the processing plant in LaJunta, Colorado has been closed.



Director’s Report


Ø      The county budget has been submitted with the 3% increase allowed for 2007.


Ø      Interviews for the 50% FSNE position will be held on Thursday and Monday. 


Ø      Web conferencing cameras have been installed on agent computer for teleconferencing which will save mileage expenses and travel time.


Ø      The county citizen survey results were discussed.  The public still needs more information about Cooperative Extension and what Extension can offer them.


Ø      The Cooperative Extension state director position will be advertised this fall.  Newly appointed vice-provost, Lou Swanson, will direct the search.


Ø      The Larimer County Fair went well this year.  The overall response was very good


Ø      The Belt Buckles and Bowties Gala is tentatively scheduled for December 9 at The Ranch..


Ø      4-H Achievement Day will be at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 12 in the McKee Building at The Ranch.


Ø      Farmers’ Market has been great this year with many vendors and customers participating.



Trends and Issues


  • “Life Goes On”, the senior television series on local cable is experiencing funding issues.


  • The World Health Organization says a bird flu pandemic is inevitable.  Significant progress on a plan should be available by November 1, 2006.


  • The National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences will hold their national meeting in Denver this October.  Laurel Kubin and Jacque Miller will be attending.


  • “Suddenly Military” is an organization to help families adjust to life while an immediate family member is away serving in the military.  It was suggested to get in touch with families to let them know about Extension and 4-H.


  • Suggestions are needed on how to expand urban 4-H.


  • The Discovery Science Center in Fort Collins would like to get involved with marketing cooperative extension.


  • Marketing Cooperative Extension by advertising in The Recreator or utility bill inserts.


  • Seasonal 4-H (short term membership) is going well.



Extension Showcase


Extension Showcase will be held at 12 Noon on December 7 in the restaurant at the Budweiser Events Center.  Agents are working with potential speakers for their program areas.  Committee members volunteered to contact legislators and media to attend the Showcase. 



The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.


Next meeting will be on Thursday, November 2 in the McKee Building at The Ranch.



                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                    Fred McClanahan, Jr.