Larimer County Extension Advisory Committee

May 8, 2013




Members present:  Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Dixie Dick, Pam Harrold, Mel Hilgenberg, Ronda Koski, LaVon Blaesi, Jean Bosch, Irene Romsa, Valerie Clark, Laurel Kubin, Jacque Miller and Fred McClanahan, Jr.    Excused:  Susan Bonsall,  Ruth Wilson and Pranaya Sathe.


The meeting was called to order by Chair Suzanne Jarboe Simpson at 8:05am.


Mel Hilgenberg moved and Irene Romsa seconded that the minutes of the March 6 meeting be approved as presented.


Agent Report


Jacque Miller, Extension Agent, Community Development reported on the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) program.  FLTI is a public-private partnership that works with local communities to provide parents, caregivers, and other interested adults with the knowledge, skills, and tools for civic engagement.


Once accepted into the program, family leaders are offered 20 weeks of training to build on interactive adult learning practices.  These include:


*  10 weeks to develop personal leadership skills

*  10 weeks to practice civic and democracy skills

*  A visit to the State Capitol in Denver

*  A local and state graduation ceremony 


The program is in its 4th year  --  45 graduates / 59 participants total.  In 2013, 14 of the 21 participants will graduate.


There are seven FLTI training sites in Colorado, Larimer County included.  Adams County offers a Spanish version of the training.


Citizen Survey Results


Results of the Larimer County Citizen Survey were discussed.  Extension is seen as offering quality programming and is considered an important program.


Marketing Extension


Ronda Koski and LaVon Blaesi staffed an Extension information table at the Winter Farmers’ Market in Old Town Fort Collins on March 23.  Many stopped by to get information about Extension and others gained information about what Extension offers.


Directors Report


The Larimer County 4-H Carnival was held at The Ranch on March 23rd.  A sizable crowd attended but the carnival had to close two hours early due to a snow storm.


The Rocky Mountain Conference on Aging was held at The Ranch on May 1.  A late spring snow storm dropped 9” of snow in the area, but 90 percent of those registered were still able to attend. 


Monthly reports are being sent to the County Commissioners about Extension programming.


The Larimer County Farmers’ Market will be held on Saturday mornings in the Courthouse parking lot from May 18 through October 26.



The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 10th  at the Larimer County Extension Office.


Meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.



Submitted by Fred McClanahan, Jr.