Larimer County Extension Advisory Committee

January 11, 2012

Excused members: Kristina Meyers, Brenna Tindall, Valerie Clark, Trena Anastasia. Staff present: Laurel Kubin and Jacque Miller.

Chairman Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. Pam Harrold moved for approval of the previous meeting's minutes. Ruth seconded. Motion carried.

In the chairman's report, Suzanne asked for comments about the 2011 Extension Showcase. Members thought the speakers were good, there was good attendance, the room set  up was better than in previous years, and it was good to meet with the various attendees.

For future Showcase planning, Ronda offered to make face to face invitations to members of the media rather than just relying on email invitations.

Jacque Miller provided an update on the Family Leadership Training Program which was featured at the Showcase, and the Larimer County Alliance for Grandfamilies. Linda Tanner is now the chairman of the Alliance. A needs assessment showed that legal issues were of most concern to the grandparents. University faculty and Jacque developed an on-line resource with three video segments to provide information on legal issues. She referred the advisory members to the web site at to see the videos and activity / discussion guides.

Laurel Kubin provided an update on the Rocky Mountain Conference on Aging that will be held April 19, 2012 at The Ranch. The theme is "Strengthening Practices and Systems to support Grandfamilies".  While this conference is for professionals in law enforcement, social work, financial counseling, and human services, there will be a session the evening prior for the general public featuring one of the conference speakers. The evening session will also be at The Ranch and will be at no charge.

Laurel also provided an update on being featured on That Larimer County Show, conducting classes for HPI clients, the Small steps to Health and Wealth classes, Money Talks series, and other financial education efforts. She noted that the financial literacy initiative has received grants from the FINRA Foundation and the Pharos Fund.

In the director's report, Laurel told of funds being received from CSU Extension to support the horticulture agent position so that county funds could be used to support a 4-H program assistant.  She asked for input as to the four-county cluster's joint advisory committee meeting in March. She received input that will be taken to the planning committee for consideration.

Extension in the future: Suzanne told of the interviews that she and Susan Bonsall are conducting with CSU Administrators and county commissioners.

Trends and issues: Jessie Mae Hendrickson said that the workforce center is going to more fee based services.  Other trends noted were the slow economic recovery, concern over funding availability, and water issues in the region.

Farewell recognition:  Jessie Mae Hendrickson was honored and thanked for her service to Extension and membership on the advisory committee. Due to her employment she is no longer able to participate on the committee.

The next meeting will be on March 7.

The meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

Notes recorded by Laurel Kubin