Larimer County Courthouse Office Building

Lake Estes Meeting Room

200 West Oak St

Fort Collins, Colorado

Environmental & Science Advisory Board (ESAB)


Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Dinner Meeting

The role of the Environmental and Science Advisory Board is to advise the Board of County Commissioners and appropriate county departments on environmental and science-related issues that affect Larimer County.

Facilitator:           Shelley Bayard de Volo (970) 498-5738,


1.   Amendments or Additions to the Agenda


2.   Introduction of Members and Guests


3.   Public Comments


4.   Discussion Items:

·  Water Quality impacts from PFAS chemicals from fire-fighting foams & other manufacturing

·  David Dani, Emerging Contaminants Coordinator, CO Dept of Health and Environment


5.   Approval of Minutes – January and February


6.   Updates and Round Table – Committees and Other

·  Commissioner’s Update

·  Oil & Gas regulations – Planning Commission update

·  Environmental Stewardship Awards

·  Climate Smart Larimer County

·  Corona Virus update



·   Commissioner Kefalas

·  Richard Alper


·   Shelley Bayard de Volo, Jim Gerek

·   Kirk Longstein, Shelley Bayard de Volo

·   David Lehman


7.   Notations to the ESAB Issue Index


8.   Agendas for Future Meetings


·  April 14th



·  Environmental Stewardship Awards

9.   Adjourn