December 13, 2011



Members In Attendance:


Staff :

Michael Jones


Doug Ryan

Kimberly Karish



Ryan McShane



Kate Muldoon



Earlie Thomas



Joseph Wilson




Discussion Items:

EAB Issue Index:  The members reviewed their Issue Index, with emphasis on those items that are currently shown as “active” review status.  The Index is a listing of topics under current or previous consideration by the EAB.  The results of those discussions are shown on the attached chart.  Doug Ryan will update the Index to reflect the discussion.  One new item (hydraulic fracking), was added to the Index.


EAB 2012 Work Plan:  Each year the Advisory Board prepares a work plan, which appears as a section to the EAB annual report.  Members reviewed their previous plan, and made updates to reflect the status of current events and topics.  Doug Ryan will prepare the work plan for inclusion in the upcoming annual report. 



Kimberly Karish provided a brief update regarding the power line upgrade in the Pineridge Open Space.  The old power lines and poles are down in preparation for the new installation.  She noted that the work has been very successful in terms of minimizing damage to rare plant species. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


Next Meeting Agenda:

Election of officers, discussion about potential future tours for EAB members, bylaws, possible discussion of LEED Certification (depending on coordination with staff on the Alternative Sentencing Unit construction project). 



The meeting ended at 8:00 PM


Issue Index Topic  (current active issues)


EAB Coordinator(s)

2.05 Bald Mountain Radio Tower:  The EAB reviewed the potential County sponsored project in 2010 and advised the BCC on environmental issues.   Commissioner Garter updated the EAB on the status in August this year. The County is pursuing environmental studies with the Forest Service to determine the extent of evaluation needed for a future NEPA permitting decision by the forest service. 

Retain active status and advise as requested by BCC

Michael Jones

4.01 Recycling & 4.03 Solid Waste/Landfill Operations:  Last update was September 2011.  Major emphasis regarding changes was on methane gas monitoring and control and groundwater monitoring.

Retain annual update schedule

Melissa Chalona

4.04 Alps Tire Pile cleanup:  Majority of approximately 2.5 million tires have been removed under the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant.  An update in May of 2011 indicated that the project was in the final phase, with mostly large diameter truck/tractor type tires remaining.

Consider review status based on anticipated CDPHE compliance reports in early 2012

Michael Jones

6.02 Water storage (NISP & the related 3.06 Highway 287 bypass): A Supplemental Draft EIS is under preparation for an anticipated release by the Army Corps of Engineers in mid-2012. 

Keep the active category, and consult with the BCC on their expectations for review by the EAB

Jennifer Lee

Ruben Blanco

8.01 Environmental Stewardship Awards:  The awards ceremony for 2011 will be held on December 12. 

Keep active category, and appoint a 2012 awards committee in August

Annual ad-hoc committee

9.02 Ozone:   The region is currently in non-attainment status for the 8-hour ozone air quality standard, and is operating under the provisions of a 2008 Ozone Action Plan and related air quality rules.  Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance was reintroduced to the North Front Range in November 2010.  Planning is underway on a new Ozone Action Plan to address new more stringent ozone standards that were adopted in 2008.  It is anticipated that a regional stakeholder process for that process will be reinitiated in 2012.


In 2010 the EAB communicated with the Commissioners to indicate that they are available to review & comment on proposed emission control strategies.


Continue to follow the ozone compliance and planning process, and be available to consult with the Commissioners 

Melissa Chalona

Evelyn King











10.03 Uranium Mining:  The EAB prepared a white paper on in-situ uranium mining for the Commissioners in 2008.  An anticipated formal mining application in Weld County has not materialized, but may in the future

Retain the active category and consult with the BCC on any requested review activities.

Michael Jones

12.02 Green Objectives:   Based on federal stimulus grants, the County hired an energy coordinator in 2009 and has been engaged in a number of energy related projects.  The County is an active member of Climate Wise.

Retain the active category and offer to review additional implantation strategies as requested

 Kate Muldoon

Kimberly Karish

18.03 West Nile Virus:   Each year the EAB receives an update from the Department of Health regarding WNV and other zoonotic diseases such as rabies and hantavirus that occur in the County and Colorado.

Retain annual mid-season update on WNV and other zoonotic diseases.

Ryan McShane




New Topics to add to the Action Log



Hydraulic Fracking:  This technology is a high concern for many people regarding water quality protection.  The EAB could play a role by reviewing State regulatory requirements.

Add as a new active item, and consider an update early in 2012

Kimberly Karish