December 13, 2016



Members In Attendance:



Jane Abels


Casey Cisneros, Natural Resources

Richard Alper



Corey Broeckling



Jim Gerek 



Michael Jones


Lew Gaiter

Kimberly Karish



Evelyn King


Staff :

David Lehman


Doug Ryan, Health & Environment

Joseph Wilson


Shelley Bayard de Volo, Engineering





Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:

Move “2017 Workplan” up for discussion before “Issue Index Review”


Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Citizen Comments:



Discussion Items:

Emerald Ash Borer:  Casey Cisneros presented to the Board the role of the Land Stewardship Program (LSP), within the Natural Resources Department. Part of that program involves the Weed District, which was set up in the 1960’s and is funded through a mill levy on property taxes.  In addition to noxious weed management within the District, Casey is also working with Dave Lintz, the County’s Forester, on the pending colonization of the non-native Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  He asked what the Board members knew of the insect and what they knew of its introduction into Colorado.  The board knew some general information, but not many specifics. Casey explained, some of the insect’s ecology and why its occurrence is problematic.  The EAB was recently detected in Longmont, and will likely occur within Larimer County in the next 5 years.  Once here, mortality in ash trees is expected to be very high (99%) for untreated trees.  Thus, the County faces some management decisions, including removing and replacing trees within the County’s Parks and other County owned properties.


The LSP is considering initiating tree removal and replacement now, so that all the impacts of the EAB do not occur at once. Right now the LSP is focusing on the Parks and Open Space lands, but they are also reaching out to other County Departments to inform them that they need to develop a management plan as well. Casey asked the Board if they agree with being proactive at this point.  K. Karish noted that it is probably the best course of action (spread out costs and impacts), but that it is also a good opportunity for public outreach and it provides a good example to the public of how the problem should be managed. She also noted that doing a cost assessment of keeping versus replacing trees might be a worthwhile exercise.


The Board supported the proposed approach and noted that they would like to have Casey back, and probably Dave, in a year for an update on the matter.


Election of Officers for 2017:  A request for nominations was made by the current chair.  Michael Jones nominated Richard Alper for Chair and Jim Gerek for Vice Chair.  Appointments were confirmed via a vote by acclimation.


Wasteshed Planning:  The ESAB wasteshed sub-committee (WS-SC) attended the PAC meeting Friday, December 9th.  The PAC discussed the recent four public forums -  About 54 people attended, most of whom were from Fort Collins. Many in those forums were surprised by the low rates of recycling.  The ESAB noted that one reason why there may not be a high level of recycling is the lack of a commonality amongst the 4 municipalities on what can and cannot be recycled.


The WS-SC noted that they spoke with Honore Depew (TAC Leader), at the meeting and expressed their concern with the Phase 1 report produced by R3 Consulting (R3 report).  Honore told them that there may be a way for them to meet with the TAC at a future meeting to discuss their concerns, and that he would look into it. 


The WS-SC discussed the Phase-2 study and its expense (~100K).  At the meeting, the TAC had asked the PAC to fund the study, and it was agreed that the study would be funded. The WS-SC is still not clear why they cannot attend the TAC meetings, and Doug explained that those meetings are for stakeholder staff only, and that the WS-SC, being a public entity, should attend the public PAC meetings.  The WS-SC noted they would like to get better updates, and announcements for the PAC meetings, and feel that they are not being kept in the loop.  


The WS-SC would like to review the Phase-2 RFP scope and provide comments prior to it being issued. 


2017 Workplan: The ESAB went over their 2017 Workplan and made some editorial adjustments. Doug Ryan will make the changes and include the workplan as part of the 2016 Annual Report.


Issue Index Review:  The ESAB went over the “active” status issues.  E. King elected to coordinate the Master Plan and Land Use Code (Issue 1.01).  D. Lehman elected to coordinate the West Nile Virus & other zoonosis (Issue 18.03).  K. Karish will provide updates on all the issues she currently coordinates prior to the end of her service term in 2017.  The Water Storage or Management Projects: NISP (Glade Reservoir) (issue 6.02(a) was changed from “watch” to “active”.


Approval of Minutes:

The ESAB noted a few minor typographical errors and approved the November 15 minutes, upon revision.



No Updates


ESAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


Agenda for Future Meetings:

January 10                                                                            Northern Colorado Oil and Gas Emissions Study Update

February 14                                                                          Environmental Stewardship Awards Planning                                             



The meeting ended at 8:40  PM