December 12th, 2017



Members In Attendance:

Jane Abels

Richard Alper

Daniel Beveridge

Richard Conant

Michael Jones

Kimberly Karish

Evelyn King

David Lehman

Matt Tobler








Shelley Bayard de Volo, Environmental Coordinator, Engineering
















Meeting Start:  6:05 PM


Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:



Introduction of Members and Guests:

The members introduced themselves. 


Citizen Comments:



Discussion Items:


Richard Alper provided a quick update on the December 8th Regional Wasteshed PAC meeting meeting.  He noted there were 11 infrastructure options, each with its own cost/benefits.  Richard noted that the meetings have not been well attended by PAC members.


Questions from the Board members included expectations for construction/demolition waste over the next 20 years, especially in light of predicted growth in the region.  Also, whether the County Solid Waste Department has outstanding debt  that will have to be paid from the $30 million in reserves, or is that entire reserve available for capital projects?  Has there been discussion of public-public partnerships?  These questions will be passed onto Ron Gilkerson, the County point of contact.


2017 ESAB Annual Report and 2018 Work Plan

The ESAB spent time discussing the prepared 2017 Annual Report and their 2018 Work Plan.  There were minor edits and word smithing, but the Board agreed the report and workplan was ready to submit to the Board of County Commissioners. 


Officer Elections

ESAB Chair – Richard Conant moved to nominate Richard Alper to serve as Chair another year, and Evelyn King seconded the motion.  Evelyn King moved to vote on the nomination, with Jane Abels seconding the motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed by acclamation.


ESAB Vice-Chair - Richard Conant moved to nominate Jim Gerek to serve as Vice-Chair for another year, and Jane Abels seconded the motion.  David Lehman moved to vote on the nomination, with Richard Conant seconding the motion All were in favor and the motion passed by acclamation.





Approval of Minutes:

Evelyn King moved to approve the October minutes, as amended, and Kimberly Karish seconded.  The October minutes were approved by acclamation.  Evelyn King moved to approve the November minutes, as amended, and Jane Abels seconded.  The November minutes were approved by acclamation.



Evelyn King updated the Board on air quality and ozone attainment status within the County.  There was discussion of why the northern Front Range was included with the Denver Metro area in the EPA’s area of consideration for ozone attainment.  As well, the board discussed the attainment criteria and whether the 70 ppb 8-hour standard is a realistic value for attainment.  The County will be out of attainment in 2018 if measurements are greater than 70 ppb for the 8-hour standard at the West measurement site, and >75 ppb for the 8-hour standard at the CSU measurement site. 


ESAB Issue Index:

The Issue Index will be updated for the information presented tonight.


Next Meeting Draft Agenda:

The next meeting will be held January 9th, 2018.



The meeting ended at 8:20 PM