December 11, 2012



Members In Attendance:



Cassie Archuleta


Zac Wiebe, Natural Resources Dept

Melissa Chalona



Michael Jones


Staff :

Ryan McShane


Doug Ryan

Joseph Wilson




Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

“Our Lands, Our Future” Planning Process.   Zac  Wiebe, Larimer County Natural Resources Department, provided an overview of the planning process, which is being conducted as a partnership with the County and each of the eight municipalities within its borders.  The project is intended as a process to identify how those entities will manage open lands recreation and conservation choices in the future.  A key element of the planning process will be a series of two surveys of residents about their vision for public lands and open space.  The first survey has been completed and includes both a random sample and self-selected respondents.  The survey report is under development at this time, but will ultimately be available on the project website at One important reason for doing the study at this time is that the County-wide ¼ % sales tax that provides funding for open lands programs sunsets in 2018.   The participants want to develop a plan for moving forward that strikes an appropriate balance between choices such as property acquisition vs. property management, funding by tax base vs. user fees, and recreational uses vs. protection of natural resources.  Mr. Wiebe noted that the survey and other planning activities included in the project will allow for the creation of options for how costs and revenues can be bundled to achieve desired outcomes.  Those options will be used to facilitate public discussion ahead of the 2018 tax sunset.  The EAB members had a number of questions or comments about the process and survey results.  The Advisory Board indicated support for the way the planning process has been designed.  Members also expressed an interest in future involvement in the process is the Natural Resources Department believed that would be of value.


2013 EAB Workplan.  Each year the Advisory Board prepares a work plan, which appears as a section to the EAB annual report.  Members reviewed their previous plan, and decided on modifications for 2013. The workplan will note the Advisory Board’s intent to conduct a review of EAB practices and effectiveness with the goal of ensuring that the advice it provides to the County Commissioners and departments remains relevant and useful.    Doug Ryan will prepare the plan for inclusion in the upcoming 2012 Annual Report. 


Chair’s Comments:

Melissa Chalona noted that the EAB will elect officers next month, and encouraged members to consider expressing interest in either the Chair or Vice Chair position.



Michael Jones noted that the North 40 News, a local paper distributed in the northern portion of the County, printed an editorial in the December 2012 edition that favors building the proposed emergency communications tower on Middle Bald Mountain in the Red Feather Lakes Area.  The editorial is available at Additional information about this Larimer County sponsored project and the current EIS project is available at


Joe Wilson noted that the Platte River Power Authority has a new general manager.  Jacqueline Sargent started her position in August.  Mr. Wilson, who serves as Attorney for the PRPA, offered to facilitate a meeting if that would be of value to the Advisory Board in the future. 


Melissa Chalona noted that she has taken a new position with Advanced Engineering Services in Loveland. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


January Meeting Topics:

Election of Officers, Issue Index review, EAB internal evaluation



The meeting ended at 8:50 PM