December 9, 2014



Members In Attendance:



Richard Alper


Brandi Thomas – CSU

Cassie Archuleta


Alyssa Meier - CSU

Jeremy Deuto


Purna Chandramouli - CSU

Michael Jones



Kimberly Karish



Evelyn King


Lew Gaiter

Joseph Wilson





Staff :



Doug Ryan


Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

2015 ESAB Workplan.  Each year the Advisory Board prepares a workplan, which appears as a section ib their annual report.  Members reviewed their previous plan, and discussed modifications for 2015.  The members decided to add language under the Current Environmental Topics section regarding natural or ecological impacts associated with events such as floods, wildfire and drought.  Doug Ryan will send out draft language for review and comment via email. 


2014 Ozone Season Update. Doug Ryan provided an update on the 2014 ozone summer season, and reviewed the U.S. EPA’s proposed new National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ground-level ozone.  Information about the new standard is available at


Election of Officers:

Michael Jones was selected by acclamation as Chair for 2015.  Ryan McShane was selected by acclamation as Vicechair for 2015.


Approval of October Minutes:

Minutes from the October 14 meeting were approved as presented.



Environmental Stewardship Awards.   The Environmental Stewardship Awards ceremony was held on Monday, December 9.  Doug Ryan provided a brief update and showed photographs from the event.  More information is available at


NISP Schedule.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has delayed the release of the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project water project.  Release of the EIS is expected sometime in the first half of 2015. 


Boards & Commissions Reception.   The annual reception honoring members of Larimer County’s’ boards and commissions was held at the Ranch events center on October 17.  Doug Ryan noted that one of the items highlighted was an acknowledgment by the Commissioners of the value of the ESAB’s review and comments concerning the air emissions permit for the Martin Marietta Materials asphalt plant. 


I-25 Capacity Improvements.   Evelyn King noted that the Colorado Department of Transportation will be moving forward on a project to add a truck lane on south-bound I-25 at the Berthoud hill.  The project can proceed, in part, because it was anticipated in the North I-25 Environmental Impact Statement prepared for the corridor.  Additional information is available at


Future Updates.  The Advisory Board considered the potential for updates on some of their Issue Index items.  Kimberly Karish volunteered to prepare updates early in 2015 regarding the Energy by Design project, the High Park Fire mitigation, and the Our Lands Our Future planning process. 


ESAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.



The meeting ended at 7:50 PM