November 15, 2016



Members In Attendance:



Jane Abels


Shelley Bayard de Volo

Richard Alper



Corey Broeckling


Staff :

Jim Gerek 


Doug Ryan

Evelyn King



David Lehman







Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Wasteshed planning.  Richard Alper and Jim Gerek provided an update on Wasteshed Coalition and planning activities since the last meeting.  Three community wasteshed forums were held in September by the Coalition in order to obtain feedback from the community on solid waste management options.  Summaries of the input received will be prepared for presentation to the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) at their December 9 meeting.  A member of the ESAB solid waste committee will plan to attend and observe.


Jim Gerek reported on communications he has had with Honore Depew, the Coalition Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) lead, about solid waste data contained in the Regional Wasteshed Planning Study.  A concern is that there are significant gaps about waste generation sources that the ESAB solid waste committee believes are important to resolve before moving forward on solid waste planning activities.  Mr. Gerek informed Honore Depew of these concerns.  The ESAB discussed potential sources of data, and the importance having a complete picture of where solid waste comes from in terms of planning and ultimately financing the future solid waste management system.  Mr. Depew offered to meet with the committee and appropriate TAC members to discuss this issue and consider ways to obtain the data.  The Advisory Board concluded its discussion by concurring with the committee’s concerns.  Evelyn King made a motion, seconded by David Lehman, to ask the committee to send an email to Honore Depew as lead staff to the TAC expressing the ESAB concerns about adequate data, and to offer to work cooperatively with the TAC to consider ways to correct the situation.  That could include assistance reviewing a scope of work or request for proposal for future consulting contracts.  The motion passed unanimously.  Doug Ryan will update the County Commissioners once that communication has been sent. 


Planning for 2017 workplan.  Each year the Advisory Board prepares a workplan as a general guide for its activities.  The workplan appears in the annual report.  The current annual report and associated workplan is available on the ESAB website at


The 2017 workplan is scheduled for discussion and adoption at the December meeting.  In anticipation of that discussion, Doug Ryan reviewed the current 2016 plan and a brief discussion of some issues that may be appropriate for next year.  Members were asked to review the current document, consider its value as a guide, and consider those topics or issues they would like to include for 2017. 


Planning for election of officers.   Each year the ESAB elects a chair and vice chair in the month December to serve for the following year.  Members were asked to consider their interest in either positon ahead of the next meeting. 


Staff facilitator transition.   The ESAB staff facilitator duties will be transferring to Shelley Bayard de Volo in February.  Shelley is the Environmental Coordination Specialist in the Engineering Department.  She and Doug Ryan will be coordinating on the transition for the December and January meetings.


Approval of Minutes:

Minutes from the September 13, 2016 meeting were approved as corrected. 



Doug Ryan attended the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization workshop titled Preparing for Climate Extremes in September.  The workshop included a discussion of climate extreme projections for Larimer and Boulder Counties that were derived from computer climate models.  Items highlighted in the report include forecasts for the number of summer days with a high temperature of 95 degrees or more, and information on precipitation extremes – such as storms with an inch or more of precipitation. The full report is available at


ESAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


Future Meeting Agendas:

December – Emerald Ash Borer mitigation, ESAB workplan adoption, election of officers, Wasteshed update, Environmental Stewardship Awards planning. 


January – Northern Colorado Oil & Gas Emissions Study update & discussion (joint meeting with the Fort Collins Air Quality & Natural Resources boards). 



The meeting ended at 7:45 PM