November 14th, 2017



Members In Attendance:

Jane Abels

Richard Alper

Corey Broeckling

Richard Conant

Jim Gerek

Michael Jones

Kimberly Karish

Evelyn King

David Lehman

Matt Tobler



Steve Yurash, Larimer County Board of Health





Shelley Bayard de Volo, Environmental Coordinator, Engineering
















Meeting Start:  6:05 PM


Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:



Introduction of Members and Guests:

The members and guests introduced themselves. 


Citizen Comments:

Steve Yurash commented that he was attending the meeting to see what the ESAB does and whether there is overlap among the two boards. 


Discussion Items:


Jim Gerek provided a quick update on the October 27th PAC meeting.  The main discussion points were that the proposed program will be more expensive, with options increasing 10-15% for residential.  Projections for Waste Management are an increase from $22/ton to $35/ton, while Larimer County Landfill costs will increase from $23/ton to $40-45/ton.  With these projected increases, the discussion has now turned to developing the mechanisms for using a County landfill – incentives, disincentives, etc.  Some reasons for cost increases include intangibles, but also road improvements.  One idea discussed was “Flow Control” where waste generated in Larimer County has to go to the Larimer Landfill.   Also, there was discussion of separating out construction waste and digestion of organics, which would reduce the waste stream into the landfill.


Chapter-3 Comprehensive Plan- “Recommendations”

The ESAB spent the remainder of the meeting discussing their comments of the “Recommendations” chapter of the Phase-I Mountain Resiliancy Plan: A New Comprehensive Plan.  Richard Alper and Corey Broeckling worked together to compile the Board member’s comments (100 in all) into a spreadsheet the week prior to the meeting, and they developed a three tier approach for presenting the comments to Matt Lafferty, Larimer County Planning.  Tier-1 included all member comments in a spreadsheet, catorgorized as either editorial or content related, and actionable or non-actionable.  Tier-2 included representative themes for the comments, and Tier-3 included an executive summary for the take-home points from the comments. 


The ESAB members went through the Tier-2 and Tier-3 items, editing them on screen at the meeting. When finished Richard Alper asked for a consensus vote amongst the membership to approve the Tier-2 Representative Themes for the Comments, and the Tier-3 Executive Summary.  There was consensus in both cases.





Approval of Minutes:

The October minutes will be approved at the December meeting.



There were no updates.


ESAB Issue Index:

The Issue Index will be updated for the information presented tonight.


Next Meeting Draft Agenda:

The next meeting will be held December 12th and will include Election of Officers, ESAB Annual Report and 2018 Work Plan



The meeting ended at 9:05 PM