November 13, 2012



Members In Attendance:



Cassie Archuleta


Jeff Collett, CSU

Melissa Chalona


Traci Shambo, Engineering

Derek Esposito


Jerry Blehm, Health & Environment

Kimberly Karish


Rob Helmick, Planning

Evelyn King


Dan Weinheimer, City of Fort Collins

Ryan McShane


Kip Carrico

Kate Muldoon


Phillip Brewer, Weld County Health

Joseph Wilson


Karen Holcomb, CSU



Morgan Wade, CSU



Allison Reser, CSU



Katherine Dirsmith, CSU



Brett Collins, CSU






Staff :



Doug Ryan


Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Garfield County Air Emissions Study.   Dr. Jeff Collett, CSU Atmospheric Science Department, presented information about the Garfield County Gas Emissions Study.  The study will proceed over the next three years.  Several layers of guidance have been built in to the design, including a Project Team, a Technical Advisory Committee, and an Operations Committee.  The study will focus on characterizing the air emissions from drilling, fracking and flowback operations in actively developing gas fields.  A number of sampling and emission dispersion modeling techniques will be used.  The oil and gas operators are participating in the study.  An advantage of operator participation is that air quality or emission measurements can be correlated with the precise stage of drilling or fracking that produce the emissions.  Emissions will be measured from both mobile and fixed locations.  In some cases, a tracer gas (acetylene) will be emitted in order to allow calibration of dispersal models.  Both continuous sampling and canister sampling will be conducted.  The study is expected to provide quantitative emission measurements (with uncertainty levels specified) across multiple operators.  The data should be suitable for air quality and health studies by future analysts.  The study results are expected to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, and a validated full data set will be available for future use.  Dr. Collett noted that there have been some initial discussions about the potential for an emissions study on the Front Range.  Such a study would probably involve a partnership with interested stakeholders similar to the Garfield County Study.  He noted that the emphasis on a study in this area might emphasize different concerns, such as the regional transport of emissions and the implications for ozone formation. 


Larimer County NPDES Program.  Traci Shambo, Larimer County Engineering Department, presented an update on the status of Larimer County’s stormwater management program.  The Engineering Department administers a permit issued through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that pertains to the surface water quality management in the developed portions of the County.  The permits are issued for a five-year period, and contain standards that counties and other municipalities must meet in order to protect water quality.  The permits contain required elements related to public education and outreach, illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction and post-construction requirements for activities within the covered area, and good housekeeping requirements for the municipal entity’s own operations.  The County has recently adopted revisions to its stormwater regulation, and expects to work on its application for the next five year state permit cycle.  Ms. Shambo asked the EAB if they would be interested in consulting with Engineering as they develop policy or practices for the new permit.  The unanimous consensus of the members is that they would be very interested in participating. 


Approval of September and October Minutes:

Minutes from the previous two meetings were approved as presented.



Derek Esposito noted that the Fort Collins City Council is considering potential incentive for solar electric energy installation and generation through the use of feed-in tariff to allow 4-5 MW of solar generation. 


Doug Ryan noted that Brian McCluskey has resigned his EAB membership in order to concentrate on more proactive pursuits.  Dr. McCluskey indicated that he has enjoyed his time on the board, but feels that the current emphasis on updates versus actual advice to the Commissioners results in the EAB being under utilized.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


December Meeting Agenda:

“Our Lands, Our Future” Open Lands project, 2013 EAB Workplan, Election of officers for 2013



The meeting ended at 8:00 PM