October 13, 2015


Members In Attendance:



Jane Abels


David Lahman

Richard Alper


Steve Williams

Jeremy Deuto



Jim Gerek 


Staff :

Michael Jones


Doug Ryan

Kimberly Karish



Ryan McShane




Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Annual member orientation. 

Doug Ryan provided an overview about the organization and function of the ESAB.  That overview included a discussion of the County’s Administrative Policy for Boards and Commissions, the ESAB bylaws, the annual report and work plan, and the Issue Index used for tracking topics that the Advisory Board has considered.


Environmental Stewardship Awards.   The ESAB Stewardship Awards Committee members for 2015 are Jim Gerek, Michael Jones and Jeremy Dueto.  The county advertised for nominations, and received good response from news organizations from a series of press releases.  Only one nomination was received this year.  The committee and the full Advisory Board discussed the nomination, and decided not to recommend a Stewardship Award for this year.


Ozone Season Update. Doug Ryan provided an update on the 2015 ozone summer season, and reviewed the U.S. EPA’s new National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ground-level ozone.  Attainment of the ozone air quality standard is measured through the 4th highest daily 8-hour concentration averaged over a three year period.  The Denver Metro-North Front Range area is classified as a nonattainement area based on the 2008 ozone standard of 0.075 parts per million.  The new 2015 standard is 0.070 parts per million.  Current planning efforts include the preparation of a State Implementation Plan which is required to show compliance with the 2008 standard.  An additional planning effort will be required for the new standard.  Information about the ozone standard is at


Approval of August Minutes:

Minutes from the August 11, 2015 meeting were approved as presented



The County is currently advertising for applications to serve on board and commissions that have vacancies.  The ESAB is included.  New terms will start in December. 


The County Commissioners annual reception for boards and commissions is scheduled for Monday October 26 at The Budweiser Event Center at 4:30 PM.


ESAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


November Meeting Agenda:

Solid Waste update



The meeting ended at 7:55 PM.