October 10th, 2017



Members In Attendance:

Jane Abels

Daniel Beveridge

Corey Broeckling

Richard Conant

Jim Gerek

Evelyn King

Matt Tobler

Joseph Wilson




Jessica Royer, Environmental Health Specialist II, Larimer Health and Environment


Katie O’Donnell, Public Information Officer , Larimer Health and Environment



Steve Johnson



Shelley Bayard de Volo, Environmental Coordinator, Engineering
















Meeting Start:  6:05 PM


Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:



Introduction of Members and Guests:

The members and guests introduced themselves. 


Citizen Comments:



Discussion Items:

Zoonosis annual update

Jessica Royer provided information of the County’s Zoonotic disease surveillance program and the services they provide to the public, which include investigating wild animal bites for rabies.  They also provide notifications for other zoonotic diseases like tularemia and plague. 2017 brought with it ~200 rabies incident reports, where seven bats and one skunk were positive for the virus, and 15 people underwent post-exposure prophylactic treatment.  The CDPHE reported 53 West Nile Virus (WNV) cases statewide, with 14 of those in Larimer County – two resulted in death.  One horse and 11 raptors tested positive for WNV and there were 55 positive mosquito pools in 2017.  Steve Johnson asked about mosquito spraying this past year – there was no spraying in Fort Collins, however Berthoud did spray. 


Syringe Disposal and Opioid Abuse

Katie O’Donnell discussed the County’s work with the Northern Colorado AIDS Project (NCAP) on their Syringe Exchange program.  NCAP’s program is the only one in the region, and while no direct funding comes from the County, its Board of Health approved the program and contracted NCAP to administer it.  The program provides sterile syringes and other equipment, collects/disposes used syringes, and provides substance abuse counseling services.


Over the past year, June 2016-2017, the program saw 578 clients, collected 57,656 syringes, distributed 119,738 syringes = 48% return rate.  The Board members asked about needles in our local parks and pricking incidents, of which there were 14 in the last 2 months.  Evelyn noted that there is a way to tag syringes that get distributed, and she recommended NCAP should do that.  There were also questions about drug use and wastewater, and Hep-C.  Steve Johnson asked if Fort Collins is considering disposal receptacles in the parks.  Katie noted that the City is concerned that locating disposal receptacles in the parks may actually attract drug users to the parks. 


Katie also presented on the impact that opioids have had within Larimer County.  She discussed the strategies Larimer County is considering for dealing with opioids – reduce supply, provide education, reduce demand, and reduce harm (e.g., NARCAN, syringe exchange).  Currently, it is not known how large of a problem opioids are in the County and the Health Department is getting up to speed on the issue.  Steve noted that the website is a resource to see county by county statistics.


Approval of Minutes:

E. King moved to approve the September minutes, and C. Broeckling 2nd - they were approved by acclimation.



Use of Doodle Polls vs special meetings – S. Bayard de Volo gave the board members an explanation as to whether the Board can conduct official votes via Doodle Poll in order to be able to meet deadlines that come up prior to the next board meeting.  The answer from the County attorney was no, because all votes need to take place at a properly noticed public meeting.  Doodle Polls can be used for certain administrative matters like picking a meeting date or choosing food options.


Comprehensive Plan Chapters 1 & 2 – The Board went through the comments submitted for consideration on the “Foundations” and “Visions” chapters of the “Mountain Resilience Plan: Phase-1 of a new Comprehensive Plan”.  The Board voted on whether they agreed or disagreed with each comment, which were then provided to M. Lafferty, Larimer County Senior Planner in a spreadsheet form.    


ESAB Issue Index:

The Issue Index will be updated for the information presented tonight.


Next Meeting Draft Agenda:

November 14

The Board will discuss their comments on the final chapter “Recommendations” for the “Mountain Resilience Plan: Phase-1 of a new of the Comprehensive Plan”.


November 15

Technical Air Quality Symposium – Joint host with Fort Collins Air Quality Advisory Board


December 12

Election of Officers, ESAB Annual Report and 2018 Work Plan



The meeting ended at 9:45 PM