October 9, 2012



Members In Attendance:



Cassie Archuleta


Karen Holcomb, CSU

Melissa Chalona


Allison Reser, CSU

Michael Jones


Morgan Wade, CSU

Evelyn King



Kate Muldoon


Staff :

Joseph Wilson


Doug Ryan


Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Environmental Stewardship Awards.  The EAB Stewardship Awards Committee met on September 26 to consider initial recommendations for this year’s stewardship award nominations.  Six nominations for twelve potential recipients were received this year.   Michael Jones and Kate Muldoon led a discussion with the full EAB about all the nominations.  At the conclusion of the discussion, the consensus of the members present was to unanimously recommend three nominations for awards, and two for additional consideration by the County Commissioners.  Doug Ryan will meet with the Commissioners to outline the EAB recommendations.  Mr. Ryan noted that as in the past all six nominations will be presented to the Commissioners. 


Uranium Mining.  Michael Jones provided an update on the PowerTech Inc. proposal to perform in-situ uranium mining on 9,300 acres Weld County.  Concerns expressed by the community have included potential groundwater, surface water and air pollution.  The company announced in April of 2011 that it was ceasing exploration and permitting activities on the site, and would concentrate on another potential in-situ mine site in South Dakota.  Occurrences at the time included the Japan nuclear plant disaster, reduced uranium prices, and more stringent state in-situ mining regulations.  Mr. Jones reported that the status of this EAB watch item has not changed, and that the company’s website has not been updated since the April 2011 announcement. 


Alp’s Tire Pile Cleanup.  The Alp’s tire pile refers to a large tire dump on private land west of Loveland.  At one time up to 5 million tires were improperly disposed of on the property.  This condition presents an environmental hazard if the pile should catch fire.  Serious water and air quality result from such fires.  Cleanup has proceeded over the last several years thanks to a state grant that is supported by the waste tire disposal fee paid by consumers when they purchase new tires.  A joint county and state inspection at the facility is scheduled for the end of October.  Mr. Ryan indicted that he will provide an update at the November meeting.


Middle Bald Mountain Tower.  Michael Jones provided an update on the Larimer County sponsored proposal to site an emergency services radio tower on Middle Bald Mountain located west of Red Feather Lakes.  The property is on US Forest Service land, and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required prior to a permit decision by the Forest Service to allow the radio tower, power line extension and service road.  The Forest Service is preparing the EIS through a contract with a consulting firm.  The EIS is currently in the scoping phase.  Larimer County will ultimately fund the EIS.  A chronology of the project is available on the County’s website at  Following discussion, the members pointed out that they would be willing to assist the County Commissioners with any review of draft documents.  The expertise on the EAB could be useful to determine if the studies are complete and accurate.  The Chair will send a letter to the Commissioners noting the availability to review documents. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


November Meeting Agenda:

Garfield oil & gas study, Larimer County NPDES program



The meeting ended at 7:45 PM