June 13th, 2017



Members In Attendance:

Richard Alper

Cory Broeckling

Jim Gerek

Michel Jones

David Lehman






















Rob Helmick, Senior Planner, Larimer County



Steve Johnson

Staff :

Shelley Bayard de Volo, Environmental Coordinator, Engineering




Meeting Start:  6:00 PM


Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:

Discussion Items:  K. Karish is sick, so not attending.  She will provide written reports on Forest Management and Health, and on Climate Change, if her appointment is not renewed or she will provide her updates at the July meeting.


“Approval of Minutes” -  Change the date on the draft minutes from “March, 2017” to “April, 2017”.


Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Citizen Comments:



Discussion Items:

Northern Water and Larimer County IGA

Rob Helmick, described the history of 1041 permitting, which was adopted 5 or 6 years ago.  He discussed some specifics of the permitting process and how a decision was made to use the IGA process instead of the 1041 permitting process for NISP.  A lot of environmental impact analysis had already been completed for permitting with the Army Corp of Engineers, and the IGA would not require that those EIS’s be repeated.  However, there was a need to do a more local assessment for areas impacted.  The review is still a few months behind schedule, and they are still looking at whether the NISP project meets the tests for an IGA.  They will be ready to make a more formal presentation to the ESAB in late summer and to the BCC in the fall.


R. Helmick indicated that there are three general items being considered in the draft IGA. The first is the Colorado Hwy 287 realignment and impacts to property owners as far as their access to and from their properties.  The second is the County’s desire for recreational opportunities at Glade reservoir, but the lack of County resources to manage and administer. This is something that will be outlined in the IGA.   The IGA will broadly identify land use, but will not delineate specifics.   The final IGA item is the routing of new pipelines to provide NISP water to its participants. An open house meeting for affected property owners is planned for the pipeline routing on June 29.There will be a formal public comment period on the IGA, and if the public provides significant opposition, the BCC has the opportunity to request that the project proceed under the 1041 permit process. 


There was a question and answer session on items considered for the IGA. C. Broeckling asked if at this point there were any issues that could prevent the project from moving forward.  Rob noted that if participants start pulling out, then the numbers won’t be sufficient and it could fall apart.  He thinks there will be litigation over NISP continuing for a while.  As well the CPW Commission has to approve the Wildlife Mitigation Plan.  The ESAB will be formally reviewing the draft Plan and will provide its comments to the BCC this summer. 


Approval of Minutes:

The number of Board members in attendance does not meet the criteria for a quorum, so the April 18, 2017 minutes could not be approved.  They will be approved at the July meeting.




J. Gerek provided an update on the North Front Range Wasteshed Coalition Stakeholder Group (Group Meeting #1: Orientation and Goals & Objectives, May 31st).  J. Abels and J Gerek attended.   They learned how the different stakeholders will interact.  The next meeting will be June 28th.


Environmental Stewardship Awards

The BCC accepted the ESAB’s recommendation of all 2017 award winners. The awards will be presented by the BCC at their regularly scheduled Land Use Meeting, July 10 at 3:00PM in the Hearing Room.  All ESAB members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  The awardees will receive their plaques and each has the opportunity to make a brief statement.


Recognition of Outgoing Members

Jeremy Deuto (not in attendance) was recognized by R. Alper, for his contributions to the Board (S. BdV will mail him his certificate).  M. Jones was recognized and received his certificate of appreciation for his service as chair to the Board (2014 -2016).


ESAB Issue Index:

The issue index will be updated for the items discussed tonight.


Next Meeting Agenda:

July 11th is the next meeting.  Adam Jokerst, City of Fort Collins, will provide an update on Halligan Reservoir (Issue 6.02d). 



The meeting ended at 9:00 PM