July 10th, 2018



Members In Attendance:

Richard Alper

Daniel Beveridge

Jim Gerek

Michael Jones

Evelyn King

David Lehman

Allyson Little

Kirk Longstein

George Rinker

Katrina Winborn-Miller


Rob Helmick, Senior Planner, Larimer County

Stephen Gillette, Director of Solid Waste, Larimer County



Steve Johnson – not in attendance



Shelley Bayard de Volo, Environmental Coordinator, Engineering















Meeting Start:  Call to order 6:07 PM


Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:



Introduction of Members and Guests:

The Board welcomed four new members, Allyson Little, Kirk Longstein, George Rinker and Katrina Winborn-Miller.  All members and guests introduced themselves, by reporting their names, background/areas of expertise, and their favorite movie, sport or place to vacation.


Citizen Comments:



Discussion Items:


Stephen Gillette provided the Board an update on the wasteshed planning process.  He provided some background on how solid waste collection has been managed in the County and the goals for managing solid waste in the future. The current landfill is nearing capacity following a final expansion in 2004, and closure is predicted in 2025.  Stephen explained the roles of the planning coalition made up of the TAC, PAC and the stakeholder advisory groups, and four recommended solid waste process controls that were established to meet the Coalition goals:

1.   Establish regional materials management system

2.   Implement programs and facilities

3.   Develop waste diversion/reduction goals for all jurisdictions

4.   Conduct strong, consistent public education and outreach


The wasteshed process involves five phases, and the process is currently in phase-2, which is program development.  Phase-3 will involves developing policies, education, ordinances, diversion programs, and long-term governance.  Stephen then went through the Tier-1 recommended options for implementation, including costs:

1.   New Landfill

2.   Central Transfer Station

3.   Construction and demolition (C&D) processing

4.   Yard and food waste composing


He also explained the Tier-2 and Tier-3 options, which are still under evaluation or will be considered in the future, and then discussed the blended scenarios, which are analyses of combinations of the Tier-1 options.  He showed that C&D is a large portion (~31% in 2016) of waste going into the landfill.  Removing C&D, along with yard and food waste and single stream recyclables, is expected to divert ~50% of waste going to the landfill.


Intergovernmental agreements with municipalities within the County to adopt process controls will need to be established before the County will commit to providing the facilities and infrastructure.  Some elements of an IGA would include hauler licensing, centralized data reporting, education and formation of an advisory board.  Proposed process control includes flow control for C&D and mixed recyclables and banning yard waste from solid waste pick-up.


The ESAB’s Solid Waste Subcommittee will continue to monitor PAC meetings.  Stephen noted that the ESAB may be receiving the current Wasteshed plan for review in the near future.


Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) 1041 permitting update .

Rob Helmick noted that County staff are monitoring the Army Corps of Engineers expected release later this summer of the FEIS for the NISP. Separate from that lengthy and complex process there are several other issues of more “local” concern that the County has been discussing with Northern Water under the auspices of the County’s “1041 regulations”.


Rob updated the Board on the progress with the NISP 1041 permit application.  He explained some background on the 1041 permit, and how it allows for the development of an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) in lieu of going through the fixed criteria of the 1041, or of repeating the EIS process.  He noted that an IGA allows for more flexibility in the review process, but it still requires that all the elements of the 1041, including considering public comment, be included.


Issues that are part of the 1041 permit/IGA negotiation include access to ranch properties after Route 287 is relocated; the provision of recreational amenities at the new Glade Reservoir; and ancillary water pipelines for Northern Water to deliver NISP water to the participating sponsors.  Each of these is of key interest to the County and has its own set of issues.  Rob noted that the pipeline construction for NISP has some analogies to current discussion over the “Thornton Pipeline”.  He noted that staff are currently reviewing the extensive documentation provided by the City of Thornton for their project and that may inform staff on certain factors to consider in assessing the subsequent NISP pipeline.


Rob indicated that there is still much work to do on the draft 1041 permit/IGA but that he anticipates the ESAB being asked for input in the coming months.


Approval of Minutes:

Jim moved to approve the April minutes, as amended, and David seconded that motion. The amended April minutes were approved by acclamation.  Jim moved to approve the June minutes, as amended, and George seconded that motion. The amended June minutes were approved by acclamation



Topics of discussion were:

•       Issue Coordinator Position -  Jim presented the draft of the Position Description he wrote for issue coordinators.  The document explains/formalizes duties of being an issue coordinator.  Daniel moved to adopt the draft document, and David seconded.  The Position Description was approved by acclamation.

•   Google Drive – Shelley briefly went over the use of the ESAB Google Drive and explained how the folders in the drive relate to the Issue Index.  She explained that the drive was set up for everyone to use, but that she would still email out important documents since not everyone uses the Drive.


ESAB Issue Index:

The Issue index was updated with removal of retiring members and the addition of several new appointments.


Next Meeting Draft Agenda:

The next meeting will be held August 14th with a staff person standing in for S. Bayard de Volo or on an alternate date in August that will be arranged.  Discussion items on the draft agenda include discussing the Phase-2 Comprehensive Plan Foundations Chapter and the FEIS for NISP if it is released.


Adjourn: The meeting ended at 8:45 PM