July 10, 2012



Members In Attendance:



Cassie Archuleta


Lew Gaiter

Melissa Chalona



Derek Esposito


Staff :

Michael Jones


Doug Ryan

Kimberly Karish



Brian McCluskey



Kiley McGowen



Kate Muldoon




Introduction of Members and Guests:

The EAB welcomed three new members, Cassie Archuleta, Derek Esposito and Kiley McGowen.  All in attendance introduced themselves and provided a brief background about themselves and their interest in the EAB. 


Discussion Items:

Orientation with New Members.  Doug Ryan provided an overview about the organization and function of the EAB.  That overview included a discussion of the County’s Administrative Policy for Boards and Commissions, the EAB bylaws, the annual report and work plan, and the Issue Index used for tracking topics that the Advisory Board has considered.


 Air Quality.  Doug Ryan provided an update on ozone and wildfire smoke air quality issues.  That presentation included background information on the ozone air quality standard, health impacts of ozone, control strategies, and current season monitoring results.  Ground level ozone is a form of air pollution that occurs in highest concentrations in the summer when hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides emissions from transportation, industry and household sources react in the presence of heat and sunlight.  Ozone action alerts are issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on days when weather conditions are expected to lead to increased ground-level ozone concentrations.  The Denver-Metro/North Front Range region is classified as a non-attainment area for ozone.  A number of emission control strategies have been implemented in order to reduce ozone concentrations.  Additional information about regional efforts to control ozone is available at


Smoke and small particulate have been important air quality concerns during the High Park Fire and other regional wildland fires in Colorado and Wyoming.  The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment issued a Wildfire Health Advisory related to smoke from the High Park Fire.  That Advisory cautioned people that when they see or smell smoke in their area particulate levels are elevated, and steps should be taken to reduce exposure.  Children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with pre-existing respiratory conditions are particularly at risk.  In addition to the County’s advisory, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issues a daily air quality forecast through their website at


BCC Liaison Comments:

Commissioner Gaiter attended the beginning of the meeting.  He welcomed the new and continuing members and thanked them for their service. 


Chair’s Comments:

Melissa Chalona is the current vice chair of the EAB, and will be serving as chair through 2012.  She acknowledged Jennifer Lee, retiring EAB chair, for her great service over the past two terms.  She told the new members that she is looking forward to getting to know them, and appreciates their commitment to participate on the EAB.



Approval of Previous Minutes:

Minutes from the April and May meetings were approved as presented. 



Doug Ryan provided a brief overview of the County’s activities involving the High Park Fire.  This included background about a preliminary meeting on June 26 with several county departments, water providers and the US Geological Survey.  A Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) report is under development will be completed in the near future to assist in prioritization efforts for efforts related to revegetation, stabilization and flood protection.  The members indicated that they are interested in following these issues.  Doug Ryan will add this topic to the EAB Issue Index.  Brian McCluskey suggested that as the recovery effort moves forward, the County should consider how best to coordinate the overall response from government and non-government organizations and individuals. 


Kimberly Karish indicated that the County’s Bald Mountain radio project is moving forward to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) phase with the US Forest Service.  This is one of the EAB Issue Index items that they have followed and consulted with the Commissioners about. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting. Melissa Chalona asked members to review the index to gauge their interest in becoming an EAB coordinator for active and watch issues. 


August Meeting Agenda:

Zoonosis update, stewardship awards process for 2012, High Park Fire issues, EAB Issue Index review. 



The meeting ended at 8:30 PM