July 8, 2014



Members In Attendance:


Staff :

Richard Alper


Doug Ryan

Cassie Archuleta



Jeremy Deuto



Chase Eckerdt



Derek Esposito



Michael Jones



Ryan McShane



Joseph Wilson




Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.  The ESAB welcomed new members Richard Alper and Jeremy Deuto. 


Discussion Items:

Annual member orientation. 

Doug Ryan provided an overview about the organization and function of the ESAB.  That overview included a discussion of the County’s Administrative Policy for Boards and Commissions, the ESAB bylaws, the annual report and work plan, and the Issue Index used for tracking topics that the Advisory Board has considered.


Stewardship Awards.

Nominations are open for the 20th annual Environmental Stewardship Awards.  Information is available online at


Martin Marietta Air Emissions Permit. 

Doug Ryan provided an update for new and continuing members on the planned ESAB review in August of the state air emissions permit for Martin Marietta Materials asphalt plant.  The draft permit is expected to be released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for a 30-day public comment period in mid-July.  The Board of County Commissioners has asked the ESAB to review the draft permit when it is available, and to provide comments back to the Commissioners.  Mr. Ryan used his PowerPoint presentation from the April 8 Advisory Board meeting as a discussion aid in order to ensure that all of the members have a similar technical briefing on this issue.  Topics that were discussed included the background regarding odor complaints and concerns about toxic air emissions from community members, the County’s previous land use permitting for the gravel mining and the associated asphalt plant operations, the distinction between Martin Marietta’s current mobile-source air emissions permit and their requested stationary source permit, the CDPHE air permit process, health risk studies published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the permitting process for hazardous air pollutants.  The County Commissioners have authorized the use of a technical air quality consultant to assist the Advisory Board with the permit review. 


Approval of June Minutes:

Minutes from the June 10, 2014 meeting were approved as submitted.



Michael Jones provided an update on the Bald Mountain Communications Site proposal.  This is a proposal advanced by Larimer County to site an emergency radio communications tower.  The location of the tower would be on U.S. Forest Service property west of Red Feather Lakes.  The Forest Service has recently released a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to outline their findings.  The preferred alternative for the draft EIS was a location on Middle Bald Mountain.  Mr. Jones noted that the alternative selected in the EIS is for a location called the Killpecker site.  The draft EIS notes that the alternative site has less visual impacts than the Middle Bald Mountain location.  The Advisory Board reviewed the initial scoping for the EIS is 2010, and conferred with the Commissioners about the importance of considering visual resources for this facility.  Additional information is available on the Forest Service website at, and on the county’s website at  Staff was asked to check with the Commissioners’ office regarding their expectations regarding the need for ESAB review or comments on the draft EIS.


Doug Ryan noted that the county Department of Health and Environment held a series of public vaccination clinics in late June and early July related to a case of Hepatitis A in a food handler at the Tortilla Marissa’s North of the Border Café in Fort Collins.  Additional information is available at


Doug Ryan provided an update on the current West Nile Virus situation.  Mosquito numbers are high in many communities.  The virus has not been detected in local mosquitoes to date, but is expected soon based on results from surrounding counties.  People are reminded to take personal precautions to prevent mosquito bites.  More information is available at


ESAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


August  Meeting Agenda:

Review of the draft Martin Marietta Materials air emissions permit, zoonosis update, potentially the Bald Mountain Radio Tower EIS



The meeting ended at 8:15 PM