May 10, 2016



Members In Attendance:



Jane Abels


Lori Hodges

Richard Alper



Corey Broeckling



Jeremy Deuto


Lew Gaiter

Jim Gerek†


Steve Johnson

Michael Jones



Kimberly Karish


Staff :

David Lehman


Doug Ryan

Martin Nelson



Joseph Wilson




Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

2013 Flood Recovery.† Lori Hodges, Larimer County Emergency Manager, provided an update on the status of recovery efforts related to the 2013 flood.† She provided a handout that highlighted current activities in the categories of Planning and Community Projects, Infrastructure, Private Property Projects, and Coalition and Conservation District projects.† Members had several clarifying questions about the projects.† Additional information is available on the county website at Following the presentation, the Advisory Board indicated an interest in following-up with a review of the 2016 Hazard Mitigation Plan.† That plan is currently under review by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and will be posted on the website once FEMA approves it.†


Solid Waste Planning & Coordination. † The ESAB Solid Waste Committee led a discussion with the Advisory Board and Commissioners Gaiter and Johnson regarding solid waste management.† The Committee members are Jane Abels, Richard Alper, Jim Gerek and Martin Nelson.† The ESAB has developed a good information sharing relationship with the Countyís Solid Waste Department, and is interested in following the activities of the Wasteshed Planning Coalition ( in their planning efforts regarding the future of solid waste management in the County.† To that end, the Committee discussed options for review and consultation with the Commissioners and the Solid Waste Department.†† Those options included consideration of the two principal groups that make the Wasteshed Planning Coalition, the Policy Advising Committee (PAC), and the Technical Advising Committee (TAC).† Potential activities include:


  • Review agendas and/or meeting notices for both the PAC and TAC
  • Review minutes of meetings
  • Sit in as observers at periodic meetings
  • Attend public outreach sessions sponsored by the TAC
  • Review and comment on key TAC work products and deliverables, such as Requests for Proposal (RFPs), consultantís reports, studies, etc.
  • Provide input to the BCC and Solid Waste Department at key decision points


Commissioner Johnson is the Countyís liaison to the Wasteshed Coalition.† He was supportive of ESAB involvement and consultation.† He offered to contact staff about including the ESAB Committee members on email sendouts regarding meetings and other activities concerning the PAC, TAC and solid waste management issues in general.† Doug Ryan was asked to check with the Cities of Fort Collins and Loveland on whether they have boards or commissions that may also be advising on solid waste management activities.† †


Climate Change Regional Planning Efforts.† Kimberly Karish discussed planning activities related to climate change.† She focused on three organization levels, the federal government, the state of Colorado, and local governments.†† Members were sent an email message from Dr. Karish with links to websites that describe the activities at these levels.† At the national level, the Administration is working on research and planning.† A significant element is the EPA Clean Power Plan which seeks to lower the emissions of greenhouse gasses.† Implementation of that plan is currently under a Stay of Execution from the U.S. Supreme Court.†


The Colorado Climate Plan of 2015 outlines state level policies and strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change.† The state is also working on implementation strategies for the Clean Power Plan.


Larimer Countyís efforts are not specifically directed at climate change.† The county is planning for strategies to deal with climate change-related impacts such as wildfires, droughts and floods.† The 2016 Hazard Mitigation Plan noted under the Flood Recovery discussion above is an example.† Kimberly Karish offered to coordinate the Advisory Board review of that plan when it becomes available in the near future.†


Approval of Minutes:

Minutes from the April 12 meeting were approved as presented.



Doug Ryan noted that the ESABís memo regarding the Environmental Responsibility Policy was finalized after review by the members and sent to the County Manager.


Jim Gerek noted that the Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled against the Cities of Longmont and Fort Collins and sided with the oil and gas industry in a lawsuit about the legality of bans on hydraulic fracking in those communities.† An article in the Denver Post provides more details†††


Jim Gerek noted that the proponents of the Northern Colorado Water Supply Project (NISP) announced a plan to release additional water during periods of low flow on a reach through Fort Collins.† That plan is part of the proponentís negations on mitigation strategies with the Army Corps of Engineers who are considering issuance of a permit for the project following the review of the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement in 2015.† An article in the Coloradoan provides more details†


ESAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


Next Meeting Agenda:

June: no items scheduled at this time

July: update on the County Master Plan



The meeting ended at 8:15 PM