March 11, 2014



Members In Attendance:



Melissa Chalona


Lew Gaiter

Chase Eckerdt



Michael Jones


Staff :

Kimberly Karish


Doug Ryan

Evelyn King



Ryan McShane




Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:

The agenda was amended to add the Martin Marietta asphalt plant permitting issue.


Discussion Items:

Martin Marietta Asphalt Air Permit.   Commissioner Gaiter informed the ESAB members about citizen complaints regarding odors and hazardous air emissions from the asphalt plant on North Taft Hill Road northwest of Fort Collins.  The citizens voiced their concerns at the Commissioners’ Administrative Matters Meeting held this morning.  Doug Ryan had been asked to present an update about the situation at Administrative Matters.  He distributed the handouts he used earlier in the day.  The asphalt plant operates at this location under the provisions of a county land use special review.  There have been odor complaints from citizens over the last year, and these have not been resolved by the company.  Martin Marietta is required to update their state-issued air emissions permit in order to operate the asphalt plant for more than two years at a specific location.  That permitting process will involve a public comment period.  The Commissioners have tasked the ESAB with reviewing the draft permit and providing comments for the Commissioners to consider with regard to the state review process.  He clarified that this is to be a technical review of the draft permit and relevant background information.  It was noted that the ESAB does not have the resources to perform a formal risk assessment, or modeling of emission dispersion.  Commissioner Gaiter acknowledged those realities, and indicated that he would be interested in seeing a comparison of hazardous emissions such as benzene from this sources and other familiar sources such as a gas station.  Mr. Ryan noted that the state estimates that the draft permit will be released in early April.  If so, the ESAB review will be scheduled for their regular April 8 meeting. 


NISP Water Project Review.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates that the Supplemental Draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for the Northern Integrated Supply Project will be released for public comment in June of 2014.  Commissioner Gaiter and the ESAB members discussed how the Advisory Board should approach the future review.  While the Commissioners have indicated that they are in favor of the project, they are mindful that there could be environmental impacts.  Because of this, they are interested in comments from the ESAB on the need for mitigation techniques to address important potential impacts.  When the Supplemental Draft is released, the Advisory Board will schedule review time and may assign chapters to specific members with interest and technical knowledge.  The goal will be to develop written comments to the Commissioners, and a draft letter for them to consider for sending to the Army Corps.  Commissioner Gaiter indicated that the Board intends to ask a few other boards and commissions to also permorm a review based on their particular charge or purpose. 


Annual ESAB Issue Index Review.   The members reviewed their Issue Index, with emphasis on those items that are currently shown as “active” review status.  The Index is a listing of topics under current or previous consideration by the ESAB.  The results of those discussions are shown on the attached chart.  Doug Ryan will update the Index to reflect the discussion.


Approval of January Minutes:

Minutes from the January 14, 2014 meeting were approved as presented.



Doug Ryan distributed a copy of the County’s 2013 Community Report.  The report is available at:


April Meeting Agenda:

Review & comment on the Martin Marietta asphalt plant draft CDPHE air emissions permit



The meeting ended at 8:05 PM


Issue Index Topic  (current active issues)


ESAB Coordinator(s)

2.05 Bald Mountain Radio Tower:  The Forest Service is currently preparing the EIS.  The ESAB has offered to review draft documents for the BCC. More info at

Retain active status and advise as requested by BCC

Michael Jones

2.07 High Park Fire Mitigation & Response:  Individual owners rebuilding, ongoing erosion related issues.  More info at

Retain active status and advise as requested by BCC

Kiley McGowen

2.08 Our Lands, Our Future Planning Process: This joint planning project is sponsored by the county’s Natural Resources Department.  ESAB reviewed the initial public survey findings in November 2012.  The final report was completed in October 2013.  Implementation to follow.  More info at

Retain active status and advise as requested by the Natural Resources Department


3.06 Hwy 287 Glade Bypass:  See 6.02(a) below related to the NISP water project.



4.01 Recycling & 4.03 Solid Waste/Landfill Operations:  Last update was September 2013. 

Retain annual active status update schedule

Melissa Chalona

6.02(a) Water storage NISP (& the related 3.06 Highway 287 bypass): A Supplemental Draft EIS is under preparation for anticipated release by the Army Corps of Engineers in the Summer of 2014. 

Retain active status and advise as requested by BCC

Ryan McShane

6.04 NPDES Phase II: Larimer County administers a state-issued stormwater quality permit required for municipalities (MS4) that contains a series of compliance requirements.  More info at

Retain active status and advise as requested by the Engineering Department


8.01 Environmental Stewardship Awards:  Five awards were issues in 2013 in this BCC/ESAB partnership. 

Keep active category, and appoint a 2014 awards committee in August

Annual ad-hoc committee

9.02 Ozone:   The region is currently in non-attainment status for the ozone air quality standard, and is operating under the provisions of a 2008 Ozone Action Plan and related air quality rules. 

Continue to follow the ozone compliance and planning process, and be available to consult with the BCC

Melissa Chalona

Evelyn King

Cassie Archuleta

10.02 Atlas Missile Silo Cleanup:  The area of groundwater contamination is within the area of the planned forebay for the proposed Glade Reservoir.  That reservoir is part of the NISP water project which is currently in the EIS review phase.  The long-term monitoring report notes that a pilot study to evaluate groundwater cleanup methods is planned over the next five years.  . 

Retain as an Active review item


Michael Jones

10.03 Uranium Mining:  The ESAB prepared a white paper on in-situ uranium mining for the Commissioners in 2008.  An anticipated formal mining application in Weld County has not materialized, but may in the future.

Change to watch (W)

Michael Jones

10.04 Hydraulic Fracturing: The ESAB reviewed draft air quality regulations for the oil and gas industry in 2013.  The BCC supported those recommendations and sent them to the Air Quality Control Commission. 

Continue to evaluate environmental impacts, and consult with the BCC as appropriate. 

Kimberly Karish

Cassie Archuleta

10.05 Oil & Gas Development on County Lands:  This plan relates to potential oil & gas development on county and state open space lands.  The plan was prepared in partnership with Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins and adopted by the State Land Board in February of 2013. 

Retain active status and advise as requested by the Natural Resources Department. 

Cassie Archuleta

Kimberly Karish

12.02 Green Objectives:   The County is currently considering a strategic plan, which may contain some sustainability or energy conservation strategies.  More info at The County is a member of ClimateWise and reports energy conservation measures annually.

Retain the active category and offer to review additional implementation  strategies as requested

Kimberly Karish

18.03 West Nile Virus & Other Zoonosis:  Each year the ESAB receives an update from the Department of Health regarding WNV and other zoonotic diseases such as rabies, plague and hantavirus that occur in the County and Colorado. More info at

Retain annual update.  Add the emphasis on non-target species such as bees for mosquito control

Ryan McShane

Other Topics on the Action Log recommended for change to “Active” status?



18.01 Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse:  This has been a “watch” item, but is relevant now because of flood damage along part of the mouse habitat.

Change to active (A),  Schedule an update in 2014

Michael Jones