March 6, 2012



EAB Members:



Melissa Chalona


Brian Moeck, General Manager

Jennifer Lee


Jason Frisbie, Chief Operating Officer

Ryan McShane


Rocky Knutson, Plant Manager

Joseph Wilson


Paul Schulz, Senior Environmental Analyst



Chris Wood, Environmental Engineer

Fort Collins NRAB:



John Bartholow


Staff :

Harry Edwards


Toby Stauffer, Planning Department



Doug Ryan, Health & Environment


The March 6, 2012 Environmental Advisory Board meeting consisted of an afternoon field trip to the Rawhide Energy Station operated by the Platte River Power Authority (PRPA).  Members of the City of Fort Collins Natural Resource Advisory Board were also invited to attend.


The PRPA is governed by an eight-member board of directors appointed by the four owner municipalities (Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Estes Park). 


Jason Frisbie from PRPA welcomed the group, and provided an introduction to the power plant and the topics for discussion and tour.  The plant is currently down for a scheduled routine maintenance outage, which allowed the participants an opportunity to see some of the generation equipment disassembled.


Rocky Knutson addressed the group and answered questions about the operation of the plant and control of emissions.  He used a slide show to illustrate the design and operation of the plant.  The discussion included the history of the Rawhide Plant, the source of coal, capacity of the coal-fired generator and the auxiliary natural gas-fired generators used for peak load power delivery.  Water for steam generation and cooling is treated onsite.  Ash management includes the use of a permitted monofill landfill on the plant property.  Air emission systems include controls specifically designed for sulphur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and mercury.  Information about the Rawhide Energy Station is available on their website at


Following the discussion session, the group took a walking tour of the main power plant building.  The tour provided additional opportunity to questions and answers.