January 10, 2012



Members In Attendance:


Staff :

Melissa Chalona


Doug Ryan

Michael Jones



Kimberly Karish



Evelyn King



Jennifer Lee



Ryan McShane



Kate Muldoon



Joseph Wilson




Discussion Items:

2011 Annual Report & 2012 Outlook:   Jennifer Lee and Doug Ryan reported on a meeting they had with Commissioner Lew Gaiter, who is both the Chair of the County Commissioners and the EAB Liaison for 2012.  They discussed the Advisory Board’s annual report, which is available on the County website for the EAB at The report serves as an archive for topics discussed throughout the year, and a listing of people who visited with the board.  Commissioner Gaiter indicated that he concurred with the EAB decision to add the topic of hydraulic fracking to their issue index, and to plan an informational meeting this year.  He also reiterated that he is interested in having the EAB review the draft supplemental EIS for the NISP water project which is scheduled for release mid-year.


EAB Bylaws Revision:  The Advisory Board considered revisions to their bylaws related to the requirements for a quorum.  Following a discussion on the merits, Melissa Chalona moved, and Kate Muldoon seconded a motion to revise the bylaws from the current quorum requirement of 2/3 of the members, to a majority of the members.  The motion passed unanimously.  Doug Ryan will forward the revised bylaws to the County Commissioners for final approval as provided under the County’s Administrative Policy and Procedure.  


Future EAB Field Visits:  Members discussed the potential opportunity to visit the Rawhide Power Plant in March.  Joe Wilson indicated that the plant will be down for some routine maintenance, and that this provides an opportunity to view the components of the turbine while they are disassembled.  Members indicated that they could be available during for an afternoon meeting if advanced notice was available.  Joe Wilson will consult with staff at the Plant and try and establish a date.  Kimberly Karish indicated that she could facilitate setting up a field visit to the Vestas wind turbine plant in Windsor.  Members indicated that they were interested in seeing this major industrial manufacturing facility.  Scheduling and logistics will be discussed after the Rawhide site visit.


Election of Officers:

Kate Muldoon moved, and Michael Jones seconded the nomination of Jennifer Lee as Chair of the Environmental Advisory Board for 2012.  Motion approved by unanimous consent.


Michael Jones moved, and Kimberly Karish seconded the nomination of Melissa Chalona as Vice-chair of the Environmental Advisory Board for 2012.  Motion approved by unanimous consent. 


Approval of Previous Minutes:

The minutes from July, August, September, November and December 2011 were approved as corrected.



Kimberly Karish noted that she has had conversations with Stacey Baumgarn in the Facilities Department about collaborating on a discussion about LEED green building certification and County LEED activities.  The Advisory Board was in favor of scheduling this item for the February meeting.


Kimberly Karish noted that a number of the power pole foundations have been completed in the Pineridge natural area.  Poles will start going up in about two weeks.


Evelyn King noted that the North Front Range MPO adopted their update to the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) in September, and that the Record of Decision (ROD) for the North I-25 Environmental Impact Statement was issued by the Federal Highway Administration in December.  These are both issues listed on the EAB Issue Index. 


Michael Jones noted recent news articles about the issue of potential oil & gas development on County or City open space lands such as Red Mountain and Soapstone.  The Nature Conservancy is engaged in a process called Energy by Design to help communities plan for and address these issues.  Kimberly Karish volunteered to contact a colleague in the Nature Conservancy about the Energy by Design process.  Doug Ryan will contact Larimer County Natural Resources Director Gary Buffington regarding his thoughts concerning EAB consultation with the Commissioners or staff on these issues.  Potential future discussions about this issue will be considered pending the outcome of those contacts. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


February Meeting Agenda:

LEED Certification, oil & gas development on county open space lands



The meeting ended at 7:45 PM