January 9th, 2018



Members In Attendance:

Jane Abels

Corey Broeckling

Jim Gerek

Michael Jones

Kimberly Karish

Evelyn King

David Lehman

Joseph Wilson






Steve Johnson



Shelley Bayard de Volo, Environmental Coordinator, Engineering














Meeting Start:  6:05 PM


Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:

Matt Tobler was not able to attend, so his update on Colorado Climate Wise will be presented at a later date.

Jim Gerek, Vice-Chair of the Board, presided.


Introduction of Members and Guests:

No need to do introductions. 


Citizen Comments:



Discussion Items:

Colorado Climate Action Plan

Kimberly Karish presented an overview of the State’s Climate Action Plan – “Colorado Climate Plan:  State Level Policies and Strategies to Mitigate and Adapt 2015”.  The Plan is a roadmap for agencies to recognize the effects of climate change, and to identify priority actions.  There are seven main sectors that will be impacted by climate change:

·  Water

·  Public health

·  Energy

·  Transportation

·  Agriculture

·  Tourism and recreation

·  Ecosystems

Kimberly presented on all seven sectors, summarizing the areas of concern, what actions the Plan proposes, and additional resources.  Questions from the Board included how all of this impacts Larimer County?  Some examples include the landfill, and water use/availability.  The Plan can be used by the Board when considering other issues, as there might be relevant cases and/or recommendations that would be of benefit.


Neighboring County Citizen Boards and Nexus with other Larimer County Advisory Boards

Jim Gerek introduced the concept of working more closely with other relevant Larimer County Advisory Boards, and with Environmental Advisory Boards in nearby counties.  Steve Johnson noted that one of the guiding principles for the County is collaboration among its departments but in many cases Boards do not know what other Boards are doing.


Intra-County - The first step is to do some on-line research of what other Advisory Boards within the County might have overlapping interests   Jim Gerek asked for one or two volunteers to investigate and report back to the Board at the March meeting.  The following members volunteered:

·  Corey Broeckling - Overall

·  David Lehman – Board of Health

·  Jane Abels – Land Stewardship Board

Steve Johnson noted that the ESAB can offer to assist with technical questions the other Boards might have, as time allows.  He indicated that none of the other Boards have the science background that the ESAB members have.


Inter-County – Similarly the first question was whether other nearby counties have an environmental advisory board.  Steve Johnson noted that Weld County does for the oil and gas development in their County.  Steve Johnson asked how the City of Fort Collins handles environmental advisory issues.  Jim Gerek noted the City has an air quality board and open lands board.


Jim asked for volunteers to do some on-line research on whether Weld, Boulder and/or Jackson counties have Boards that might share our interests, and to report back at the April meeting. The following member volunteered:

·  Joe Wilson


Approval of Minutes:

Evelyn King moved to approve the December minutes, as amended, and Michael Jones seconded.  The amended December minutes were approved by acclamation. 



Wasteshed -  Jim Gerek noted that Ron Gilkerson’s written responses to Board questions at the December meeting had been forwarded to all members electronically.  He asked if there was a need to further discuss those responses. The Board was satisfied with the email response, and there was no need for further discussion.


Jim Gerek noted that the City of Fort Collins currently has an open survey for changes to the required oil and gas well setbacks when developing property.  While the ESAB is not involved in this issue at this time, he urged individual members to consider personal responses.  


Jim Gerek also noted that the City of Fort Collins is putting together a stakeholder group to help set future goals for lowering community greenhouse gas emissions.  There is a survey, and selected participants will be compensated for their time. Again, while the ESAB is not directly involved in this activity, Board members with interests should check this out.


ESAB Issue Index:

The Issue Index will be updated for the information presented tonight.


Next Meeting Draft Agenda:

The next meeting will be held February 13th, 2018.  Tentative topics include a presentation on Forest Health.



The meeting ended at 7:50 PM