The Larimer County Board of Health (BOH) convened its regular meeting at 7:00 PM at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE), 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, CO.


           MEMBERS PRESENT:                                   N. Mark Richards, M.D., M.P.H. via telephone

                                                                                    Lee Thielen, M.P.A.

                                                                                    C.J. McKinney, M.A.

                                                                                    Steve Yurash



      Executive Secretary:                                       Adrienne LeBailly, M.D., M.P.H.


Staff:                                                                Avie Strand, Marie Macpherson,  Bruce Peters                                                               Ed Schemm, Nettie Underwood  and Paula Lady



1.   Call to order T he Board of Health meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. The Board President, Dr. Richards, joined the meeting via telephone.  The Board VP,  C.J. McKinney, chaired the meeting.


2.   Approval of August 11, 2011 meeting minutes -  minutes of the August 11, 2011 meeting were unanimously approved.


3.    2011-Revised and 2012-Proposed Budget, Marie Macpherson,  Dr. LeBailly – 


Ms. Macpherson distributed a preliminary draft of the 2011-revised and 2012-proposed budget.   The labor cost projections (which amount to approx. 79% of the Department’s budget) have been finalized,  however some of the operating costs still need reviewed and fine tuned so this is not the final version.  The remaining changes should not substantially change the bottom line estimates presented this evening.  If substantial changes are discovered, Ms. Macpherson will e-mail the BOH with that information before it is submitted to the County.  Otherwise, the final version will be e-mailed to the group upon completion.  The due date for submission to the County is September 2nd.  Our deadline has been extended to September 6th due to the additional work created by the County’s change in the accounting chart of accounts. While we are hopeful we can meet the September 6th deadline, it might not be until September 9th that the work can be completed.


In general, Ms. Macpherson notes that the bottom line for the Department for both 2011 and 2012 shows decrease in overall expenses, primarily due to vacancy savings from unfilled positions, rehiring at lower pay levels, and some grant reductions. No reductions in non-grant staff are recommended with this draft budget proposal.  She has found that there are areas within the operating budget that are experiencing increases in costs, including supplies and fuel costs. She notes that staff are making good efforts to decrease expenses in these areas such as combining trips driven to do work, participating in meetings over the phone, and using electronic means for sharing information instead of printing reports.   At the end of 2012, although there is a proposed use of some reserves to balance the budget it is estimated that we will still maintain 14% of  our budget in reserve; the County’s guideline is 10%.  Ms. Macpherson indicated that we are not looking at making recommendations to reduce core public health services this year or in 2012 unless there are reductions in a grant.  Our county tax dollars support for 2012 is approximately $2.6 million dollars; the proposed budget is estimated at just under $8.5 million.  Other revenues that make up the difference will come from grants and fees.  Dr. LeBailly reported that she is preparing the letter of budget transmittal.   This letter details how services are affected from one year to the next and what issues we may be facing in the near future. This document, along with the final proposed budget, will be e-mailed to the BOH members. Staff answered questions from the Board about several revenue and expenditure line items that have changed from prior year, and the funding status of several department programs.


Ms. Macpherson asked the BOH for approval to move forward in concept with the draft budget and to continue working to finalize and submit the budget when done to the County.


*MOTION was made to approve the proposed budget in concept.

*MOTION was unanimously approved.


4.   Director's Report –  Director's Report – Dr. LeBailly reminded the board of our department’s efforts to get staff input on their prioritization of our programs, using the criteria developed from their input on prior program assessments.  She shared lists of programs ranking in the top third for each question in the survey, to give the Board a sense of the findings. Staff members’ ratings of their own program(s) were collected, but not included in this analysis.


Dr. LeBailly  reported that the department was unable to apply for the Community Transformation Grant because we didn’t have a population of 500,000, and the grant did not allow us to partner with Weld County.  [Update: Colorado applied for the entire state, but was not funded, but the City and County of Denver were successful in getting a grant.]    


5.   Next meeting, Thursday, October 13, 2011.  There will be no September Board of Health meeting.  The Board president or alternate will attend the department’s Budget Hearing on Sept. 16, from 1PM to 2:30 PM 2011 in the Commissioner’s Office conference room.

6.    Adjourn - meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm




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Paula Lady, Recording Secretary                    Adrienne LeBailly, MD, Executive Secretary