(October 13, 2011)


            A special meeting of the Larimer County Board of Adjustment was held in the County Board Hearing Room in the Larimer County Courthouse Offices, Fort Collins, Colorado at 7:00 p.m., October 13, 2011 at which time the following business was transacted. 


Board Members Present:         Peter Bohling, Carol Dowding, Alan Cram, Jeffrey Schneider, and Paul Devenny

Staff Present:                          Toby Stauffer, County Planner, and William G. Ressue, Senior County Attorney




A.        Consent Applications


The following application was approved by consent:


File No:                       #11-BOA0866  (Sanford Amended Setback Variance)

Owners/Applicants:    James & Betty Sanford


Request: The Application of James and Betty Sanford, requesting a variance was presented to the Board.  The Application requested a setback variance to allow a replacement deck to be located 11 feet from the east property line and 30 feet from the west property line rather than the required minimum of 50 feet in the E-Estate zone.  A request was approved by the Board of Adjustment on September 27, 2011, to allow a replacement deck to be 42 feet and stairs for that deck to be 36 feet from the south property line instead of 50 feet as required by Section 4.1.6.B.  The setbacks on the property also require the deck to be 50 feet from side property lines. This request adds to the previously approved request to allow the proposed deck to be 11 feet from the east line and 30 feet from the west line. At the September 27, 2011, meeting the Board reviewed a site drawing which showed the deck in the proposed location.  The proposal has not changed, only the side setback request language was omitted from the previous approval.


Action:  Carol Dowding moved and Peter Bohling seconded the Motion to approve the Application with the following conditions:


1.         Failure to comply with any conditions of the variance approval may result in reconsideration of the use and possible revocation of the approval by the Board of Adjustment.


            2.         This approval shall automatically expire one year from the date of this Resolution unless prior to expiration the Applicant(s) (a) take affirmative action consistent with this approval, OR (b) submit a written request showing good cause to extend the one year time limit.


3.         This variance is only for the building(s) as submitted with this variance application.  All future buildings, additions, and improvements must meet County setback requirements.


4.         Prior to foundation pour, the Larimer County Building Department must be provided with a written certification by a Colorado Licensed Land Surveyor indicating that the proposed structure is located where shown on the Larimer County approved Plot Plan for this Development.


Board members Peter Bohling, Carol Dowding, Alan Cram, Jeffrey Schneider, and Paul Devenny

 voted in favor of the Motion.  The Application was approved with conditions. 



Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.


(These proceedings were recorded by audio tape.)



                                                            LARIMER COUNTY BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT



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