APPROVED Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2018



Present: Jennifer Bornhoft (liaison), Timothy Clouse, Beth Conrey, Jenn Cram (liaison), Karen Crumbaker (liaison), Travis Horton, Nic Koontz, Gail Meisner, Paula Petroff (Extension), Greg Schreiner, Jon Slutsky, Zach Thode, and George Wallace, Natalie Yoder.  Guests:  Chalon Kintzley, Matt Lafferty, and Peter Waack.


Absent: Jason Brothers, Lew Gaiter, Travis Rollins (liaison), Richard Seaworth, Bill Spencer (liaison), Ted Swanson.


  I.               Meeting called to order, introduction of guests, and chair report. Zach Thode called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. Guests Chalon Kintzley, Matt Lafferty and Peter Waack were introduced.


II.               Public Comment.  Peter Waack shared concerns he has about agriculture-related issues in Larimer County.  Mr. Waack provided handouts outlining his areas of concern.


III.             Consideration of minutes from January 10, 2018 meeting.  The January 10, 2018 AAB Meeting Minutes were approved and accepted, with one correction. Timothy Clouse was removed from the absent list as he was not officially reappointed to the Agricultural Advisory Board for the January meeting.


  IV.          Interactions with Commissioner Gaiter on Ag and Community related issues.  Commissioner Gaiter was not present at this meeting. 


  V.             Larimer County Comprehensive Plan Updates. Matt Lafferty, Principal Planner, Larimer County Planning Department, spoke to the Board about the status of the Mountain Resilience Plan, which is Phase 1 of the Larimer County Comprehensive Plan Update. Phase 2 is underway and will start with listening to public input and work sessions with stakeholder groups. Matt requested the AAB meet with staff and consultants to discuss what they would like to see included in the updated Plan. It was recommended that a special meeting be scheduled in April.  Jenn Cram will be follow up via email with the date, time and location of the meeting.  Zach Thode suggested having a sub-group for this task force committee.


  VI.          Secretary Election. Beth Conrey volunteered to be the Secretary for the Agriculture Advisory Board for 2018.  Board members accepted her offer with no objections.


VII.          Final Review of Bylaws with Verbiage on Public Comment.  Jenn shared changes added by the County Attorney to AAB Bylaws concerning Public Comment.  Section III(G) MEETINGS reads:  “Public Comment – Agricultural Advisory Board meetings are limited to issues of production agriculture in Larimer County.  Public comments about this subject may be taken at open meetings at the discretion of the Chairperson.  The Board will not accept public comment about other subjects, or any other matter that is scheduled or likely to be scheduled for consideration at a future quasi-judicial hearing such as land-use hearings.”


The Board discussed further verbiage changes to Section III and Section I, which outlines the role of the AAB. Tim Clouse will follow-up with Zach Thode and Jenn Cram on suggested verbiage for Section I.


 VIII.        Intent of Right to Farm Policy and Opportunities to Educate the Public – Jenn Cram shared the proposed updates to the Right to Farm Policy with Larimer County staff, Attorneys and Lew Gaiter. It was noted that the intent of the Policy was not to have teeth for agricultural uses in Larimer County, but to educate the public on what they may experience if visiting or living in rural Larimer County. The updates as proposed were thought to be more stylistic. All that reviewed the document hear that the AAB would like to improve public education efforts and that there were other ways in which this could be accomplished. All agreed that the AAB could draft a preamble to the Policy if they desired to help make the content of the policy easier to understand. The AAB may also meet with Title Companies and Realtors to educate them on the policy. Including the policy in tax notifications is still being considered. In addition, Jenn will work to create a new web page as part of the Comp Plan updates under “I’m Local”.  This web page will have links to the RTF Policy, Code of the West, Irrigation Ditches and other relevant information. Jenn will also work with Larimer County Public Works to develop signage that will help to educate people that they are in agricultural areas within Larimer County. Further discussion below.


  IX.          2017 Task Force Presentation Updates – Drones Presentation to BCC and follow up on the readiness of other presentations. Greg Schreiner, Travis Rollins and Zach Thode gave the presentation on Drones to the Board of County Commissioners on February 26, 2018.  It was noted that other governmental agencies in our area have information on their websites about when and where drones can be flown.  Larimer County needs to have this information added to their website. Board members involved in other task force topics gave updates on the status of their presentations. Jenn will email a copy of the Drone presentation and work to get it on the new web page.


  X.             Right to Farm/Agricultural Signs in Larimer County proposal.  Jenn Cram provided a handout with examples of Right-to-Farm signs from various parts of the country.  Jenn opened a discussion of how the Larimer County agricultural community could benefit from doing something similar. Jenn would like the AAB to identify proposed locations/number of signs. Depending on budget, locations may need to be prioritized and implemented in phases. Gail noted that the signs should be short and simple and easy to read. Travis Horton noted that it would be nice to locate some on private property, this may allow for private investment and larger signs. Jon asked about the possibility of bumper stickers. Natalie thought that the public ROW was best. This topic will continued to be discussed at future meetings.


  XI.          Discuss Trespass Cattle on Red Mountain Open Space – Travis Rollins.  This discussion has been tabled until May 9, 2018 meeting. 


XII.          2018 Committee and Tasks – Zach Thode. Zach asked Board members to discuss and decide on Committees and Task Force presentation topics for the year.


XIII.          Committees:


·                 Master Plan (Incentives to keep Ag going in Larimer County/Loss of farmland, agriculture districts and urban growth areas) –

·                 Agricultural Signs – Travis Horton, Gail Meisner, Jon Slutsky, and Travis Rollins


XIV.        Brainstorming Session on Tasks for 2018. Presentations of these topic areas will be presented to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners:


·                 Rural Health – Gail Meisner, Bill Spencer, Jennifer Bornhoft, and Karen Crumbaker

·                 Manure Emissions – Greg Schreiner, Travis Horton, Jason Brothers, Richard Seaworth, and Natalie Yoder

·                 Land Evaluation Site Assessment (LESA) – George Wallace, Nic Koontz and Travis Rollins


Zach Thode asked that drafts of presentations be completed by November, 2018.


XV.          Announcements. Zach shared that the West Greeley Conservation District is hosting a two day soil and water symposium on March 14 (soil) and March 15, 2018 (water).  The conference will be at Island Grove Park and Event Center, Greeley, Colorado and is a free event. 


XIV.    The next AAB meeting will be held on May 9, 2018, at 12:30 p.m. at the CSU Larimer County Extension Office, 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, CO.


XV.     The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.