Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2012



Members present:  David Bee, Curtis Bridges, LuAnn Goodyear, Lew Grant, Minerva Lee, Val Manning, Brett Markham, Gail Meisner, John Rankin, George Reed, Jon Slutsky, and George Wallace.  Others present:  Karen Crumbaker (CSU Extension), and Linda Hoffmann (Staff liaison, Larimer County Planning & Building Division).  Guest:  Jennifer Bornhoft, CSU ARDEC.


Members absent:  Jason Kraft and Richard Seaworth.


I.          Val Manning called the meeting to order at 12:35 p.m.


II.         Introductions were made to the newest member, John Rankin.


III.       The November 9, 2011 AAB Meeting Minutes were reviewed.  Two minor corrections were noted and the minutes were approved, with the noted corrections.


IV.       Election of 2012 AAB Officers.

Val Manning was nominated to be reelected as Chair.  LuAnn Goodyear was nominated as Chair.  A vote took place and Val Manning will continue as Chair of the AAB.  David Bee was reelected as Vice Chair and Gail Meisner was reelected as Secretary.


V.        Consideration of a draft letter for County Commissioners to sign in support of the City of Fort Collins water policy update suggesting water sharing agreements. 

George Wallace updated the Board on the working group’s effort surrounding the City of Fort Collins water policy.  The outcome of the working group was to support the City of Fort Collins to share water with agriculture.  The letter drafted for signature by the Larimer County Commissioners outlines its support of water sharing.  


Discussion of the draft letter for the Commissioner’s signature took place.  George Reed suggested minor changes to the letter.  After a lengthy discussion, there was a motion to approve the draft letter, with minor revisions.  The motion passed. 


Linda Hoffmann recommended bringing the final letter before the County Commissioners to sign.  She will schedule a time during Admin. Matters to ask for the Commissioners’support. Chair, Val Manning and George Wallace, the primary author of the letter, will make the presentation to the Commissioners.


VI.       Meet as Committees to Draft a 2012 Work Plan. 

Suggestions were made to eliminate the Webpage Development and Social Media working group and create a Legislative and Regulatory Policy committee.  The Public Education, Ag. Land Preservation, and Water Availability standing committees will continue.


Time was allowed for the four groups to meet and discuss plans for 2012.  The four working groups consist of the following AAB Members:


  • Public Education:  LuAnn Goodyear, Chair, Val Manning, Curtis Bridges, Karen Crumbaker (liaison).
  • Agricultural Land Preservation and Stewardship:  Lew Grant, Chair, Jason Kraft, Brett Markham, and John Rankin.
  • Water Availability:  Richard Seaworth, Chair, David Bee, George Wallace, and Minerva Lee.
  • Legislative and Public Policy:  Gail Meisner, Chair, Jon Slutsky, and George Reed.


VII.      Report out by Committee on 2012 Work Plan Goals. 

The Draft Work Plan items as proposed by the four standing committee is attached.


VIII.     Announcements. 

George Reed suggested inviting Richard Knight, Professor of the CSU Human Dimensions of Natural Resources to speak at an AAB meeting regarding the Environmental Benefits of Irrigated Agriculture.


Jennifer Bornhoft invited the AAB members to visit the CSU Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center (ARDEC) in Wellington, Colorado to learn what is going on at the Center.  Alternatively, Jennifer offered to give a presentation at a future meeting, if visiting ARDEC was not of interest.


The Colorado Farm Show will take place on January 24-26, 2012 at the Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley, Colorado.


Linda Hoffmann suggested inviting Kerri Rollins, Program Manager for Open Lands for Larimer County to speak at the March meeting.


IX.       The next AAB meeting will be held on March 14, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. at the CSU Larimer County Extension office.


X.        The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.



Larimer County Agricultural Advisory Board

Recommended 2012 Work Plan

Public Education and Outreach

LuAnn Goodyear, Chair

Curtis Bridges

Val Manning

Todd Boldt (liaison)

Karen Crumbaker (liaison)

·  Establish a consistent presence at area Farmers’ Markets

·  Organize a holiday farm tour opportunity during Thanksgiving week (multiple farms, publicity, support for refreshments)

·  Maintain a booth at the County Fair

o  Locate in vendor area if possible

o  Use looped slide show promoting Larimer Co agriculture

o  Prepare educational pamphlet(s)

·  Participate in career days through public schools

·  Seek invitation through County Commissioners to participate in citizen meetings around county to educate attendees about ag and ag issues

·  Organize a Spring Conference in the spring of 2013

Agricultural Land Preservation and Stewardship

Lew Grant, Chair

Jason Kraft

Brett Markham

John Rankin

Jennifer Bornhoft (liaison)

Charlie Gindler (liaison)

Bill Spencer (liaison)

·  Update and refine the power point presentation prepared in 2011 regarding ag land preservation

o  Seek opportunities to give presentation to appropriate audiences

o  Coordinate with Education committee to secure speaking engagement invitations

·  Coordinate with other entities involved in ag land preservation

o  Participate in Open Lands Master Planning process and development of tax extension strategy

o  Coordinate with Legacy Land Trust on farmland preservation efforts

·  Support the Water Committee in responding to next stages of NISP project and EIS

Water Availability

Richard Seaworth, Chair

David Bee

Minerva Lee

George Wallace (Co-Chair)

·  Support proposed water storage projects within the county and include length of water leases to ag producers in dialogue

o  Halligan/Seaman – George and Richard

o  NISP – Minerva and David

·  Promote water sharing as a strategy with water districts throughout county (particularly in south county)

·  Seek seat(s) for agricultural representative on City of Fort Collins Water Strategy Committee

·  Investigate Boulder County model for buying water rights as part of open space tax initiative and bring that information to open space discussions in Larimer County

·  Participate in Open Lands Master Plan effort and include goal for establishing a farm lease with beginning farmer for land and water with option to buy

Legislative and Public Policy

Gail Meisner, Chair

George Reed

Jon Slutsky


·  Work with Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to establish parameters for the work of this committee

·  Research and review pending legislation through the lens of Larimer County agriculture

o  Consider likely level of impact an active role by County would have on outcome

o  Recommend action by BCC as appropriate