December 8, 2009


The Larimer County Workforce Investment Board held a regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., in the Hearing Room, First floor, at the Larimer County Courthouse Offices, 200 West Oak, Fort Collins, Colorado.


Call to Order:  Yvonne Myers called the meeting to order at 11:50 am.


Voting Members Present: Glen Rathgerber, LeRoy Gomez, Cindy Barnes, Kathy Louderback, Mary Carraher, Phyllis Abt, Cindy Barnes, Larry McCulloch, and Yvonne Myers.

Youth Council Members Present: None

Employment Center Committee Members Present: Tracy Mead.

Ex-Officio Members Present: Don Schofield, Steve Johnson, and Kathy Snell.

Associate Members Present:   Ann Hutchinson, Cynthia Christie, Donna Beaman, Jo Dawn Newlon, Kathy Gaasvig, Kris Cord, Lynn Vosler, Marija Weeden-Osborn, Maury Dobbie, Anne MacDonald, and Jim Neubecker

Guests Present: Jessica Brown (J. Brown Enterprises), Julie Zinn Patti (Spirae), Preety Sathe (Spirae), Ryan Lennartson (Advanced Energy), Bob Colmanares (CSU), Mike Masciola (NCEDC), Holly Carroll (FC Reg Library Dist), Josh Birks (City of FTC), Rick Wagner (Employment Solutions), Mike Reiff (New Century Software), Ann Marcy (NCHRA), Jim Reidhead (UniverCity Connections), and James Thompson (Senator Michael Bennets’ Office).

Workforce Center Staff Present:   Dena Jardine, Ella Gifford, Geniphyr Ponce-Pore, Jackie Tuck, Joni Friedman, Kathy Dotson, Lew Wymisner, Lori Zuccolin, Mary Betters, and Mary Cook.


Announcements: Yvonne Myers announced that Glen Rathgerber is retiring from Larimer County after 28 years of service.  He will be resigning his position on the Workforce Investment Board (WIB)


Tracy Mead announced the Education and Life Training Center’s Annual Holiday Open House is scheduled for Friday, December 11, 2009 and invited all to attend.


Ann Hutchison announced collaboration between the three area Chambers’ of Commerce to form a Regional Partnership to develop leaders.  A speaker on regionalism will be presenting at the Loveland Best Western on December 16, 2009 from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  All are invited to attend.


Jo Dawn Newlon announced that on approximately January 18, 2010 there would be a ceremony to announce the office closing of the Bureau of Reclamation.  All functions will be merged into the National Forest Service.


Cynthia Christi announced that CAMT would be holding a manufacture exporting workshop.  She asked all who are interested, or who may know of a company interested in attending to get more information at


Julie Zinn-Patti announced that Spirae has applied for a training grant for Smartgrid jobs that proposes a training program spanning introductory classes to master’s degree level.


James Thompson from Senator Michael Bennet’s office noted that Senator Bennet supported Spirae’s grant application, and asked that his office be contacted if anyone needed support for additional grant applications.


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the September 8, 2009 were not discussed nor approved.


Reports:  Yvonne Myers gave a presentation on the restructure of the WIB.  She outlined the process, gave instructions for voting member applications, and discussed next steps in the restructure process.


Kathy Dotson announced a planned trip to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for three staff members of the Larimer County Workforce Center to look further into best practices for WIB structure and process.  Kathy presented a power point presentation on best practices for WIBs across the country.


Geniphyr Ponce-Pore and Jackie Tuck discussed a report shown on Green Jobs.  This is the first in a series of several reports that will be produced and shared with the group.  Copies of the report can be obtained by contacting Jackie Tuck at (970) 498-6647.


Other Business: Mike Masciola of the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation gave a presentation on their efforts in Larimer County.  This presentation included several statistics on growth and decline of jobs and businesses in the area.  All of this information is available on their website at


Joni Friedman presented an award to Yvonne Myers and Columbine Health Systems for their Workforce Development Partnership.  This award comes from the Colorado Workforce Development Council, based upon a nomination by the Larimer County Workforce Center.


There was no further business.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.