September 8, 2009


The Larimer County Workforce Investment Board held a regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 11:30 a.m. Ė 1:00 p.m., in the Hearing Room, First floor, at the Larimer County Courthouse Offices, 200 West Oak, Fort Collins, Colorado.


Call to Order:† Yvonne Myers called the meeting to order at 11:45 am.


Voting Members Present: Cathy Schelly, Glenn Rathgerber, LeRoy Gomez, Carrie Pinksy, Cindy Barnes, Debora Hasler, Kathy Louderback, and Yvonne Myers.

Youth Council Members Present: Bradley Baum.

Employment Center Committee Members Present: Tracy Mead.

Ex-Officio Members Present: Booker Graves.

Associate Members Present: † Ann Hutchinson, Betsey Hale, Brenda Rask, Cynthia Christie, Dan Johnson, Donna Beaman, Doug Johnson, Jo Dawn Newlon, Kathy Gaasvig, Kathy Gilliland, Kelly Peters, Kris Cord, Lynn Vosler, Manny Ortega, Marija Weeden-Osborn, Maury Dobbie, Michal Connors, and Pablo Sandoval.

Guests Present: Miki Roth (The Group), Jessica Brown (J. Brown Enterprises), Julie Zinn Patti (Spirae), Al Dill (Blackfox Training), Preety Sathe (Spirae), David Zwisler (MSEC), Ernest Adame (IUBAC), E. Ann Malen (CSU Career Center), Ryan Lenartson (Advanced Energy), Bob Colmanares (CSU), Mike Masciola (NCEDC), Denna Summerhill (Embassy Suites), and Jeff Koenig (LSI Logic).

Workforce Center Staff Present: † Christi Stokely, Dena Jardine, Ella Gifford, Erma Skadburg, Geniphyr Ponce-Pore, Jackie Tuck, Joni Friedman, Kathy Dotson, Lew Wymisner, Lori Zuccolin, Mark Johnston, Mary Betters, Mary Cook, and Maureen Harter.


Announcements: Booker Graves announced the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) is working on a grant to obtain funds through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) to create jobs in the green/alternative energy fields.


Booker also announced plans by CDLE to provide additional assistance, information, and skills training for local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs).


Approval of Minutes:† Minutes were approved by all members without changes.


Reports: †Yvonne Myers followed-up on the timeline created in the WIB Retreat held in April of this year.† One of the items on that timeline was to hire a Business Services Manager to act as liaison to the WIB and to facilitate the re-structure of the WIB.† Kathy Dotson was hired in June to fulfill that position.


In August, a small sub-committee was formed to begin to discuss the re-structure efforts.† Members of that sub-committee are: Larry McCulloch, Kathy Lauderback, David May, Yvonne Myers, Kathy Dotson, and Joni Friedman.† This group has been working on the framework for a new WIB.


Yvonne discussed the Governorís Jobs Cabinet Report.† The full report is available on the Larimer County Workforce Centerís (LCWC) website († Yvonne pointed out that in the center of the report, the Larimer County Workforce Center Workforce Investment Board has been held up as the stateís example.


Kathy Dotson brought the group up to speed on her efforts thus far at the Workforce Center.† She also introduced the Business Services Team.† She briefly discussed the current projects of the Business Services Team: Summer Youth Internship Program, Tuesday Tours, and RealBiz Videos.† Kathy has been involved with NCEDC to aid in their completion of NCEDCs Primary Employers Survey, with RMI2 to complete their Bio Industry/GIS Survey, and also working with and training on the new EMSI Business Modeling software.


Geniphyr Ponce-Pore presented the preliminary results of the Larimer County Data Mining Project.† The link to the full report will be made available on the LCWC website.


Yvonne then discussed the forward movement of the WIB.† The first step is to determine a Mission Statement for the Larimer County WIB


WIB Mission Statement presented to the full group: (Changes authorized by the group indicated in red.)

The Larimer County Workforce Investment Board provides employer-led, strategic leadership to assist employers in to find ing talent for existing and emerging industries by convening necessary partners and to assist citizens residents in reach ing their fullest employment potential.


Yvonne showed examples of Strategic Plans from other WIBs in other regions.† She broke the group into sub-groups in the areas of:† 1) Education; 2) Workforce; and 3) Economic Development.† Each of these groups are to discuss answers to the following questions in relation to the strategic direction of the WIB:


1.   We will develop focus groups, in each of these three areas, to begin meeting the first week of October, who else should be in this focus group?† Is there someone (stakeholder) who is not already at the table who should be?† An organization? A specific person within an organization?


2.   What are the questions you would ask these stakeholders?


3.   What do you need to get out of the WIB to make it worth your time?† What is your end goal?† What do you hope the WIB will do for you or your business?


Other Business:


There was no further business.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.