September 8, 2005


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado† 80524


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Paul Bell

Carolyn Funk


Reggie Kemp

Olivia Larry

Barbara Nuss


Ellen Pihlstrom

Carol Rehme

Karen Reinhardt


Mary Shultz

Lloyd Spawn

Janet Tosch


Stan Ulrich

Sharon Zamora






Members Absent

Bill Benton

Steve Budner

Gerry Hinks


Ray Martinez

Elnora McCloughan

Earl Stevens


Hal Wilson







Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Ruth Coberly

Tina Hugo


Katy Mason

Margaret Long

Lynette McGowan


Linda Rumney







Guests Present:





Lloyd Spawn called the meeting to order.


There were no guests present.


There was no open discussion or community input.


Without objection, Lloyd Spawn ruled that the agenda stand as presented.†


Without objection, Lloyd Spawn ruled that the minutes of the August 11th meeting stand as presented.†


Lloyd Spawn announced that he would like to start the Advisory Council meetings promptly at 1:30.†


Lloyd reminded the council that the Legislative Breakfast is tomorrow at the Fort Collins Senior Center and that the Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon is on Sept. 30th at the Lincoln Center.† He reiterated that the Office on Aging is underwriting half of the registration cost for council members attending Bridging the Gap.†


Lloyd asked the committee chairs to send any changes to their committees to Tina Hugo.†


Lloyd announced that there will be a centenarian presentation on November 12th.† Tina Barker commented that there will be more information out next month.†


Lloyd Spawn reported that the Executive Committee had discussed the possibility of inviting council candidates to join the various committees.† The candidates that were not chosen to join the council had expressed interest in joining committees.† Stan Ulrich commented that there is already a precedence for this as Peggy Haller is on the housing committee.† Lloyd asked the committee chairs to meet with him after the meeting to get the candidates information.†


Margaret Long reported that per a recommendation from the state audit, the state will start funding the AAA's with a yearly contract instead of a NOGA.† Margaret feels comfortable with this process, but warns it can be cumbersome.† Another recommendation from the state audit was for a state policy and procedure binder, which Margaret is in the process of reviewing now.†


Margaret reported that the Committee members are finishing up their site visits this month.† Margaret will combine the comments from these site visits and discuss with the executive committee in October.† The discussion will revolve around allocating cuts and strategic thinking on what effects Hurricane Katrina may have on providers.†


Lloyd Spawn suggested that the council discuss a possible vote for the council to support Referendum C&D.† Lloyd recommended that for the motion of support to pass a two-thirds vote of members present be required.† Karen Reinhardt made a motion that the council support referendum C & D with a two-thirds vote.† Mary Shultz seconded the motion.† Discussion ensued.


The council voted 12 in favor of supporting Referendum C & D, 1 was opposed and there was 1 abstention.†



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

C. Dean Miller announced that he had written a response to the chair of the White House Conference on Aging.† This response is in regards to the chair interrupting the presenter and taking the topic off the table.† Dean and Peggy McGail will present the letter to the Senior Advisory Board.† If the board does not vote to send the letter Dean will send the letter as a Larimer County delegate.† Dean found that the Governor had appointed three delegates, each a congressional member.† The chairperson will appoint at large delegates.† Deanís first point is that the background of the twelve delegates and their knowledge base on issues related to aging is unknown.† Dean feels that we might not have good representation.†† Dean is proposing that there be representatives from the AAA's and a group at large.† Delegates could be selected from submitted resumes or some other mechanism for delegate selection.† Dean is proposing that the letter regarding the selection of the nine congressional representatives be sent to all state representatives.†


Dean reported that there have been major cuts to the City personnel.† There is much concern on how these cuts will affect the Senior Center.


Dean reported that the board had discussions regarding support of C & D.


Dean announced that Grandparent Day is this Sunday, September 11th from 12:00 - 4:00 at the senior center.† He also announced that the Cemetery Crawl is on September 17th 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Barbara Nuss announced that there is a mini Medicare training on November 12th at which time participants can make appointments for additional help on the 19th.† Barbara also announced that there is a Medicare Part D training session sponsored by the Seasons Club on October 27th at the Chilsen Senior Center.† Barbara announced that the Chilsen Senior Center Harvest Bazaar is scheduled for September 16th.


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the foundation did not meet this month.


Larimer County Commissioner

Karen Wagner was not present to give a report.


Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee finalized the details of the Legislative Breakfast.† Mary reported that the committee also discussed goals.


Executive Committee

Lloyd Spawn reported that the committee discussed the possibility of advisory council applicants serving on committees.† Lloyd mentioned that there was a discussion on creating subcommittee's to assist with committee projects.† Lloyd stated that there was discussion of committee goals.† He believes that the goals have not been reviewed in a few years and need to be revisited.† Lloyd reported that the committee also discussed taking a position on Referendum C & D.† In addition the committee discussed the upcoming legislative breakfast and Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon.


Health Committee

Nancy Arthur announced that she is the new chair.† Nancy reported that they haven't had a meeting.† The next meeting is on October 25th.† The Health committee is completing their on-site visits.†


Membership Committee

No report given.


Nutrition Committee

Barbara Nuss announced that the site visits have been completed for Loveland Meals on Wheels and VOA.† Barbara invited council members to drop in on Loveland Meals on Wheels to see the program.


Senior Attainable Housing Committee

Stan Ulrich, reported that the questionnaires are completed.† Stan has not been able to connect with Dr. Collins.† Margaret Long asked the housing committee to be aware of the long range zoning plan for the redevelopment of North College.† There are concerns about what may happen to low cost housing in that area.† This redevelopment could threaten the mobile home park.† Mary Shultz announced that there is a meeting on Thursday September 15th at ARVL for planning of development in NW Fort Collins.†


Transportation Committee

Karen Reinhardt reported that the committee discussed funding.† Karen announced that Human Services will handle county funding for transportation.† Karen announced that Richard Guest will attend a meeting next week to discuss monetary needs.† Karen announced that SAINT is having a problem with volunteers because of cost of gas and background checks.†


Staff Reports

Lynette McGowan reported that she is in the process of coordinating Office on Aging presence at about a half dozen conferences, expos and health fairs in September and October.††† Lynette announced that she is also in the process of reprinting the Senior Yellow Pages.† Lynette discussed the Caregiver Summit that she attended.† There are three working groups that were formed at the meeting.† Lynette is part of the respite work group.† Lynette announced that the Caregiver program has received an average of eight new families during this month and during August there were a total of 12.


Tina Barker reported that the ombudsmen are talking to facilities about Medicare Part D.† They will also help Lynette with the upcoming events for next couple of months.† Lloyd Spawn officially recognized Linda Rumney as the new Ombudsman.


Katy Mason reminded the council that the Office on Aging has offered to pay half of the registration fee for members attending the Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon.† Katy reported that the site visits have officially started.† Katy reported that with the help of Ellen at PVH, they have designed a brochure on Medicare Part D.† Katy announced that the Coalition which includes the Health District, Seasons Club McKee Prescription Assistance, and Aspen Club are working well together.† Katy announced that the Dept. of Human Services focus will be on dual-eligibles (Medicare and Medicaid clients).†



Karen Reinhardt announced that the Seasons Club is sponsored a dinner/dance on Saturday, September 10th at McKee Medical Center.† The proceeds will help with Senior Yellow Pages.†


Lloyd Spawn reminded that committee chairs to see him for a list of advisory council applicants for them to contact.†


Margaret Long noted that there was another council member not present that opposed C & D.† Margaret stated that the council does not want to discourage member involvement on the council because of the vote to support Referendum C & D. †Margaret reminded the council that it is good to have members on each side of issues so that we are aware of all sides.


Lloyd Spawn announced that the Driving Well video will follow this meeting.


Lloyd Spawn reminded the council that the October meeting will be at the Berthoud Senior Center.†


Paul Bell announced that the Memory Walk will take place next Saturday at CSU Oval.



Carolyn Funk motioned to adjourn the meeting, Janet Tosch seconded the motion.