Advisory Council Meeting

June September 1314, 2007


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado† 80524


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Roger Bailey

Steve Budner Paul Bell


Cassie CastleberrySteve Budner

Rene DeMattei Marcy Greenslit

Matt Jackson Elnora McCloughan


Elnora McCloughan

Janet Montera

Barbara Nuss


Ellen Pihlstrom Janet Montera

Mary Shultz Barbara Nuss

Barbara Tuttle Karen Reinhardt


Stan Ulrich Mary Shultz

Don Venneberg Lloyd Spawn

Sharon Zamora Earl Stevens


Stan Ulrich

Don Venneberg

Sharon Zamora





Members Absent:

Rene DeMattei

Ellen Pihlstrom

Barbara Tuttle

Members Absent:

Jim Barlow

Helen Davis

Manfred Diehl


Marcy Greenslit

Earl Stevens






Staff Present:

Tina Hugo Ruth Coberly

Margaret Long Tina Hugo

Katy MasonMargaret Long


Lynette McGowan Katy Mason

Glen RathgeberLynette McGowan

Laura Sutherlin Glen Rathgeber


Laura Sutherlin







Guests Present:

Randy Eubanks




Earl StevensElnora McCloughan called the meeting to order at 1:34 34 p.m.


There were no introductions.


There were no changes to the minutes.† Minutes were accepted as presented.


Elnora McCloughan thanked the committee chairs for sending their minutes to her.† Elnora reported on the West Nile email that came from the Department of Health & Environment.† If you would like to have more information please call Jane Viste at 498-6750.


Margaret Long asked the council for a motion to help the Wellington Senior Center.† Margaret set aside two thousand dollars so the senior center could hire a consultant to provide technical assistance to their board.† Since this offer was made, things have changed.† There had been some concerns and conflict between the board and the director.† The board has since terminated the director.† Currently the board is trying to run the center.† Margaret proposed to give them a small grant of $2,000 to hire a temporary director in order to get organized and layout a plan. †Margaret asked the State office if this would be an appropriate move.† Their reply was that we could do this but warned that we would be opening a door that hasnít been opened before.† Margaret noted that it is not the appropriate role of the Office on Aging to run a senior center.† Margaret believes the Wellington Senior Center needs this help.† Cassie Castleberry moved that the Office on Aging give $2,000 to Wellington Center.† Mary Shultz seconded the motion.† Roger Bailey announced that he would abstain from the vote because he is a consultant and might be interested in the position.† Steve Budner recommended an amendment to the motion to include the following requirements; hire a temporary director, keep records on how they spend the money, and include the development of a management plan.† Janet Montera seconded the amended motion.† Roger Bailey abstained from the vote.† The rest of the board was in favor.


Margaret reported that the Office on Aging completed their second annual staff retreat.† Margaret noted that there is no cost for lodging because the staff stayed at her familyís cottage at Chautauqua in Boulder.† The staff worked on roles and made adjustments to their roles.† Also discussed were the 4-year plan initiatives.† Margaret reported that the staff is ahead of the game on their work with the initiatives.†


Margaret announced that she and Eva Jewel from the Weld County AAA will be having a long lunch with Senator Reisberg tomorrow.† Senator Reisberg is interested in another bill this year to see if we can get additional state money.†


No changes were recommended.† Minutes stand as presented.


No changes were recommended.† Minutes stand as presented.


Earl Stevens reported that the Executive Committee discussed possible changes to the committee format.


Margaret Long distributed an article from the Coloradoan about Earl Stevens.† Margaret presented certificates of appreciation to Paul Bell, Karen Reinhardt, and Lloyd Spawn for their service as council members.† Margaret also presented Earl Stevens with an appreciation plaque for being the Advisory Council chair for the past year.†


Margaret presented the One-Year Plan for both state and federal funds for discussion and approval.† Margaret thanked Stacie Hougard for her work on the budget and Tina Hugo for inputting units of service.† Margaret reported that the Office on Aging completed the Request for Proposal process and has now incorporated those figures into the one-year plan.† Margaret explained that there will not be any changes in how the Office on Aging conducts business.† Due to the additional state funds, the Office on Aging will be able to continue funding contracts at the same level as last year, with a few exceptions.† The Wellington Senior Centerís funding will increase from $7,300 to $11,000.† This increase is due to the rising gas prices and the expansion of their transportation service.† The Family Caregiver Support Program will have some changes due to the Colorado Trust grant.† With the funding from the grant, the Office on Aging will be able to expand respite care and material aid grants.† Margaret is steadfast in keeping the current level of staffing for the Office on Aging.† In order to do this the Office on Aging will need to use more federal funds.† If there is no increase in state funding there will not be enough money to fund the B services at current levels.† levels as internal costs are forecasted to go up, particularly the cost for employee health benefits.Therefore, the council must continue their efforts and be diligent in advocating for increased funding.†


Roger Bailey questioned the administrative budget; where does the money come from to pay salaries?† Margaret replied that there is $80,000 in the Federal Title III funds for Administration.†† Some of these funds are reserved for program development.† In addition, some funds come out of the Caregiver and Ombudsman programs to pay for Margaret and Tinaís salaries.† Margaret went on to explain that there is also money for administration in the state funds. The ombudsmen, family care giver support program and outreach programs are funded out of Federal Title III B. Margaret stated that the County money is used for match.† Margaret reported that the county also funds two programs strictly out of county general fund dollars, $10,000 for four rural senior centers, and $20,000 for the Senior Tax Work-off Program.†


Karen Reinhardt asked if the Office on Aging has plans to pursue additional grants.† Margaret replied that yes, the office does plan to continue to look for grants, but must be very careful to not compete with our community partners.† Margaret stated that the Colorado Trust grant was perfect because the Office on Aging is basically the fiscal agent. Allowing our partners to expand their efforts in providing support to family caregivers and our office the opportunity to maintain and even increase our support with respite care vouchers and material aide.


Karen Reinhardt moved that the council accept the financial forms for both the Federal and state funds, Paul Bell seconded motion.† Motion was passed.†


Karen ReinhardtCassie Castleberry gave a brief autobiography.



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Matt Jackson reported that Marjorie McTaggart made a motion to resign as the liaison and suggested that Matt take over for her.†


Matt reported that Mayor Hutcheson attended their last board meeting and stated that the Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board is very important because it is the voice of our senior population.† The board stated that their meetings are always open to hearing the concerns of the residents of Fort Collins.† The members were asked to keep their eyes open for ideas and concerns and to bring recommendations to the city council.† Transportation was noted as the number one concern for both inter- and intra-city.†


Matt stated that there had been a motion to change the name of the Fort Collins Senior Center in order to increase membership.† The decision was made to keep the name the same.†


Matt announced that September 23rd is the Senior Centerís Annual Chili Cook-Off from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Barbara Nuss reported that the board discussed the various commissions in Loveland.† Barbara stated that the board is in the process of getting representatives to attend those meetings. †The Board also discussed the Bridging the Gap Event to be held on September 26th.


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the foundation is continuing discussions with the Office on Aging.† Mary stated that the foundation decided to invite some of the agencies that they have been funded, and other agencies that have received cuts from United Way, to find out how they can better meet funding needs.


Larimer County Commissioner

Randy Eubanks reported that he has been attending many County brown bag lunch meetings.† Randy stated that the employees in the Loveland building really care about the people in Loveland.† Randy went on to state that he found the employees in Loveland to be passionate about the location and concerned about the proposed closing of the Loveland Human Services office.† Randy stated that he has been in discussion with the County Manager and Mayor about transportation.† ††


Human Relations Commission:†

No report given.


Commission on Aging:†

No report given.


Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee started discussing goals.† Mary stated that the committee spent a lot of time on the first goal which is working with minorities.† Sharon Zamora discussed opportunities with the Aztlan Community Center.† Margaret discussed the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) groups and other minorities.†


Media & Public Relations Committee

Janet Montera stated that she decided it would be better to work at a grassroots level.† The committee came up with a number of ideas and will continue to brainstorm what can be done, and how to reach the general public.† Janet distributed a request to the council members to ask their churches about giving out the Answers on Aging Resource Guides and Caregiver brochures.†


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

Roger Bailey and Steve Budner reported that they will co-chair this committee.† Roger will take the lead during the first six months.†


Pubic Policy & Advocacy Committee

Stan Ulrich asked Randy Eubanks to attend a committee meeting to discuss the transportation action plan.† Stan reported that the committee plans to talk with Randy Fisher about transportation.† Earl Stevens suggested that he write articles in the 50+ Marketplace about our committee and the Office on Aging in general.† It was decided that Mary Shultz will start attending the meetings of the Larimer County Attainable Housing committee.


Staff Reports

Katy Mason requested table hosts for the Bridging the Gap Event.† Volunteers were:† Elnora McCloughan, Cassie Castleberry, Roger Bailey, Stan Ulrich, Nancy Arthur and Steve Budner.†


Katy announced the new Answers on Aging Resource Guides are hot off the press.† The plan is to distribute the first 5,000 at Bridging the Gap.†


Katy reported that the provider site visits are going very well and she really appreciates all of the council members help.† It has been exciting that advisory council members are doing site visits with providers that they have never visited before.†


Lynette McGowan distributed an article about caregivers.† Lynette reported that she will give a presentation of the program at the Legislative Breakfast.† She has been doing Caregiver Conversations or mini-support group meetings at various locations.† One will be held in Red Feather Lakes later this month.† Lynette gave a brief update on the Larimer County Caregiver Coalition.


Laura Sutherlin stated that she will give a presentation at the Legislative Breakfast on the ARCH program.


Vote on Bylaw Changes

Elnora McCloughan asked for comments from the council.† Steve Budner moved to accept bylaws, Stan Ulrich seconded the motion.† The updated bylaws were approved and will go to the county commissioners for approval.



Mary Shultz reminded the council that the staff made a request that the council call the 498-6807 number and give feedback.† Mary stated that she feels maybe people hang up after the United Way 211 comment because the caller now knows to call 211 for the information they need.†


Janet Montera stated that she thinks it is too wordy.† Janet suggested removing the ďbeep and pauseĒ statement.


Steve Budner suggested that we have two options; option 1 will forward to 211 and option 2 will forward to another phone tree for the Office on Aging options.†


Katy requested that more of the council call 498-6807 and listen and present suggestions to make it better.†



Elnora adjourned the meeting at 2:52 p.m.




Earl Stevens distributed the nomination ballot to the council members.† The ballot listed Elnora McCloughan for Chair, Nancy Arthur as Vice Chair.† Nancy Arthur declined to automatically be nominated for the Chair position next year.† Katy Mason collected and counted the ballots.† By unanimous vote, Elnora was elected Chair and Nancy was elected Vice Chair.


Janet Montera distributed a copy of the new committee structure that was recommended for the Office on Aging Advisory Council.† Janet opened discussion with the council.† Marcy Greenslit, Steve Budner, Roger Bailey and Katy Mason described the structure in detail.†


Stan Ulrich moved to vote on adopting the new committee structure and title changes.† Marcy Greenslit seconded and the motion was passed.† The new committees and titles are as follows:

††††††††† #1:† Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

††††††††† #2:† Community Outreach and Education Committee

††††††††† #3:† Planning, Funding and Partnership Development Committee

††††††††† #4:† Media and Public Relations Committee


Katy explained that the next step in this process is for council members to sign-up for the committees.† Sign up sheets for members, including the new members, will be available at the July meeting.† Each of the new committees will then establish a time to meet, and then discuss the goals, functions and activities of their new committee.†


Stan Ulrich moved to vote that during the July meeting, members will sign up, and select a meeting date to discuss goals, functions and activities.† Karen Reinhardt seconded the motion.†† The vote was unanimous.

Margaret Long noted that she will begin the process of changing the bylaws.†



Earl adjourned the meeting at 3:29 p.m.