Monday, June 21, 2010

5:00 p.m.

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Advisory Board:

RLUC Staff:


Brenda Gimeson

Suzanne Bassinger

Pam Stringer

John Hatfield


Bill Sears


Bill Spencer






Kristin Grazier

Mark Korb


William Prewitt


Lauren Light


Mike Lynch





  • Approval of the May 3, 2010 RLUAB Minutes

Since there was not a quorum at this meeting, the adoption of the May 3rd minutes will be deferred to our next scheduled RLUB meeting. 


  • Dry Creek Reservoir Estates R.L.U.P –Introduction Item

Brenda gave an overview of the Dry Creek Reservoir Estates RLUP project which included a slide presentation.  The property is generally located south of Carter Lake and 3½ miles west of Berthoud between County Roads 6 and 8E.  The applicant’s, Matt & Viola Gaffney, Don & Terry Sherwood, Rex & Heather Suits, James & Joan Tooley, Little Thompson and Central Weld Water Districts.  This proposal is for 8 lots (4 new and 4 existing) and one Residual Lot that will be owned by the Little Thompson and Central Weld Water District.  Part of the Residual Lot is under water and part of the Dry Creek Reservoir.  The acreage that is currently owned by Little Thompson and Central Weld Water District (the Districts) will be used towards the total acreage that calculates the density of the Rural Land Plan.  This project was previously approved for preliminary approval in October 2005 but they were unable to complete the project because one property was foreclosed.  When the Minor Land Division was completed in 2006 to separate the property’s ownership to the Districts, a note was placed on the plat that allowed the land owned by Little Thompson to count towards the density in the RLUP.  It was anticipated the division would have taken place around the same time, but with the foreclosure, that was not possible.  Now that the foreclosure has been resolved, some of the properties owners now wish to complete the Rural Land Plan previously approved. Due to a number of changes that have happened since 2005, staff felt it was more appropriate to start from the beginning to give this set of Commissioners and anyone new to the neighborhood the chance for input. 


This proposal is basically the same as the previous submittal, except it is excluding the foreclosed property, as the new owners have declined to participate in the project. This development will be served with onsite septic and domestic water will be provided by Little Thompson Water District.  Access to the new lots will be from Shale Ridge Road via Scofield Road which is a public road privately maintained.  Road maintenance of the existing Scofield Road could be an issue with this development.  Brenda informed the board members of the community meeting scheduled for June 24th.   She stated that she would be able to provide more information regarding the concerns of the neighborhood after the meeting.    This project will be brought back for a recommendation in the near future.


·  RLUP Project Updates

·  Lazy D Update

BCC approved as presented on May 17th 2010.

·  Little RLUP –

Continues working with his neighbors and the BCC hearing will be scheduled soon. 

  • Other Special Projects led by RLUC Staff

·  Update on Residual Land Enforcement – Brenda has not had time to do any monitoring this spring but hopes to be able to resume the site visits in the near future.  The existing enforcement issue is still being worked out and a positive outcome looks promising.

·  Possible Amended RLUP—A property owner has approached the RLUC about doing an amended RLUP to separate a large residual land parcel from the homesite and financing has proven to be problematic on that large of an acreage.  Brenda reported this is not the first time to hear this is a concern of large landowners and we will need to keep this in mind when planning future Rural Land Plan lots

·  Horse Study – was tabled until July 19th to allow more research on the transition process and the fees involved.

·  Regional Food System Assessment – Public meetings will be held in Boulder County on July 8th, Larimer County July 14 and Weld County on July 15th.  Focus groups and open house meetings will start sometime in August.

·  Ag Advisory Board Committee – Chairman Spencer gave a brief update that the Ag Advisory Board is working on a new conference for Land Preservation. 

·  Other business

    • Gunnison County just adopted a Rural Land Use Process.



The meeting was adjourned.



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        Chair-Bill Spencer                                                       Secretary-Mark Korb