Monday, March 15, 2010

5:00 p.m.

Larimer County Courthouse Lake Estes Conference Room (Suite 333)


Rural Land Use Advisory Board:

RLUC Staff:


Brenda Gimeson

Suzanne Bassinger

Pam Stringer

Mark Korb


Lauren Light


Bill Spencer






Kristin Grazier


John Hatfield


Mike Lynch


William Prewitt


Bill Sears






  1. Approval of the February 8, 2010 RLUAB Minutes

Chair Spencer made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Secretary Korb seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Minutes adopted as written. 


  1. New Business

Chair Spencer gave a brief update on changes that will occur with the RLUAB.  Linda will no longer be attending every meeting.  Brenda Gimeson will be the new liaison.  Linda will be a resource and available anytime she is needed.  Pam Stringer will be handling the minutes.


  1. Little RLUP

Brenda gave an overview of the Little RLUP project which included a slide presentation.  The property is generally located 6 miles northeast of Lyons, Colorado on County Road 37E.  The applicant’s, James and Jani Little are proposing to divide 70 +/- acres into a total of 3 buildable lots in the following manner:  Two single-family residential lots, each about 3-4 acres in size, and one 64-acre Residual Lot that will contain the existing home and existing accessory dwelling in a 10-acre building envelope, with the remaining 54 acres on the Residual Lot protected from further development by a covenant for a minimum of 40 years, as required under the RLUP. 


With only three lots proposed, this project will go through our administrative review process.  No community meeting would be required and the referral list limited.  The Little’s also own 35 acres adjoining this piece that will not be included in this project.  This property is in the O-Open Zoning District.  There is currently 1 existing home site plus an accessory dwelling.  Both of those will remain and be located in the building envelope on the residual Lot A.  Lots 1 and 2 will each contain a new home site.  The building envelope on Residual Lot A is defined by the Little Thomson River and will not cross it. This project is located next to an existing RLUP, the River Way RLUP, which was one of the first RLUP’s developments.  Discussion took place about a possible site visit to the property.  Brenda will arrange.  Referral comments are due April 6th, 2010 and this will be brought back to the board for a recommendation sometime after that date. 


Secretary Korb inquired about the road being private, dedicated or just a common drive, and does it access more than one lot.  Brenda believed it to be a private road, she will check to see if it’s dedicated or not with the Sunship PUD.  She also stated the road appears to be in good shape. Board members all concurred that a road maintenance agreement will need to be recorded between the Little RLUP and the Sunship PUD.


  1. RLUP Project Updates

·  Lazy D Update

Applicant is working on well permit and floodplain issues.  Another meeting is schedule with applicant on March 29th.  Working towards a May BCC hearing.  Will keep the board posted.

·  Big Valley Homesteads III

Still trying to finish up final plat

·  Dry Creek Reservoir RLUP

Project may be resurrected.  Applicant’s are working together to determine if feasible.


  1. Other Special Projects led by RLUC Staff

·  Horse Study

The Working Group submitted their recommendation to the Planning Commission last November.  The Planning Commission was unenthusiastic about the Code language sent it back for further work.  The working group has been meeting since.  There is a work session this week with the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners which may result in it getting back on track.  If so, would expect it to be completed by May.

·  Scheduling is as follows:

Public meeting on April 6th.  Working Group Meeting March 22nd.  Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners Work Session on March 31st.  Tentative Planning Commission on April 28th and BCC in May. 




·  Regional Food System Assessment

First data collection was presented last week from CSU, each month new data will be submitted.  Advisory Team felt the data presented this month was not accurate would like it to be revisited. Member Bassinger concurred. Not sure how Boulder or Weld felt about the data


Chair Spencer indicated he wasn’t sure County level data is very good.  Next month data will be Consumer Choices, Health and Well-being and Community Characteristics.



The meeting was adjourned.



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        Chair-Bill Spencer                                                       Secretary-Mark Korb