Advisory Council Meeting

October 9, 2008


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins , Colorado† 80524


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

David Born

Peggy Bowers for Steven Budner


Cassie Castleberry

Caryll Cram

Helen Davis


Rene DeMattei

Tim Dolan

Marcy Greenslit


Judy Jones

Elnora McCloughan

Barbara Nuss


Ellen Pihlstrom

Mary Shultz

Earl Stevens


Stan Ulrich







Members Absent :

Jim Barlow

Manfred Diehl

Barbara Tuttle


Don Venneberg

Sharon Zamora






Staff Present:

Tina Corrigan-Hugo

Margaret Long

Ruth Long


Katy Mason

Glen Rathgeber

Linda Rumney


Laura Sutherlin







Guests Present:

Elaine Boni

Jennifer Little

Mark Shelton


Helen Davis called the meeting to order at 1:31 p.m.


Helen Davis asked for introductions from new members, David Born, Tim Dolan, and Judy Jones.† Peggy Bowers will be filling in for Steve Budner while Steve is participating in training for the next few months. Helen welcomed Gordan Thibedeau from United Way.†

CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES OF September 11, 2008†††††††

No changes were recommended.† Stan Ulrich moved to accepted minutes as presented, Nancy Arthur seconded, motion was passed.

OFFICE ON AGING PARNTER PRESENTATION:† Gordan Thibedeau, United Way of Larimer County President & CEO

Cassie Castleberry introduced Gordan Thibedeau.† Gordan was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Arvada.† Gordan served in the Army for 29 years.† In 1992 he became the Executive Director of Partners of Larimer County, a youth mentorship organization.† He then joined United Way of Larimer County nine and a half years ago and currently serves as the President and CEO.†


Gordan holds Masters Degrees in Business and Non Profit Management.† He currently serves on the 2-1-1 Colorado Governing Board, the Board of Directors for the Foothills Rotary Club, and the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.† He is also involved in numerous other community efforts.


Gordan started off by stating how much he enjoys working at United Way.† Gordan presented a brief history stating that United Way has been in Larimer County for 50 years and has seen a lot of change.† In the beginning, United Way worked with corporations to fund raise for all non-profit organizations.† Gordan stated that in todayís world, business has greatly changed.† There is a lot of competition for funds and employees do not remain with one corporation for their thirty year work career as they did in the past.† There has also been an increase in the number of non-profits competing for funding.


Gordan informed the council that United Way is reviewing how United Way can best impact current issues of today.† United Way has become increasingly alarmed about the poverty issue in Larimer County.† They are looking at the root causes of poverty and how to change the trends.† Through community input and planning, United Way has come up with a dual strategy; one strategy is the Pathways Past Poverty.† This is a program that helps clients go from poverty to self-sufficiency.† The other strategy is referred to as the Solid Foundations which will be focused on meeting the basic needs of people.† All funding is based on the amount of money raised.† Last year, United Way raised $6M but Gordan explained that United Way does not know what to expect this year with the current economic climate.


Questions and answers followed.†


Helen Davis reported that the Legislative Breakfast and the Foundation on Aging luncheon went very well.† Helen commented on the United Way presentation and feels that she has a better understanding of the impact that the designated funds have on the over all funding.† The council agreed that having Gordan come back in 2009 would be a good idea because he would have more information on the current fund drive.† Helen questioned the best way to advocate for senior funding concerns specifically with the Foundation on Aging and United Way.


Helen asked the three new members, David Born, Judy Jones, Tim Dolan if they could come early to the next meeting on November 13th for an orientation. †It was decided that they will come at 12:00 for the orientation which will include lunch.†


Margaret Long thanked everyone for their work on the Legislative Breakfast.† Margaret reported that the Office on Aging staff is very busy.† She noted that with the current economic downturn there will probably be a push for the Riesburg bill for more state funding.† Margaret did report that there is a little give in the Office on Aging budget.† Margaret went on to explain that the Office on Aging is looking at evidenced based programs coming out of the Administration on Aging.† Margaret stated that these are health promotion programs that have proven positive outcomes.† Examples of some of the programs are: Healthy Living, and A Matter of Balance which is a fall prevention program.† Margaret attended a meeting in Breckenridge to discuss mental health needs in older adults.† She heard about a variety of interesting collaborative programs at the meeting in Breckenridge.†


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Stan Ulrich reported that the Board heard a presentation from Yvonne Meyers about Medicare/Medicaid.† Stan stated that the board discussed the need for transportation to and from the Medical Center of the Rockies.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Judy Jones reported that the Board met at Medical Center of the Rockies and heard a presentation from the CEO.† Judy commented that she has heard good comments regarding Bridging the Gap.† There were 175 registrations and 11 no-shows.†


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation on Aging created three working committees.† The Foundation will be applying for a renewal grant through JVA Consulting for capacity building of the board.


Larimer County Commissioner

No report given.


Human Relations Commission†

No report given.


Commission on Aging

Mark Shelton discussed the Eastern Plains Speak-out meeting.† Mark announced that the Colorado Employers Toolkit is available through the Governorís office.† The Commission on Aging is now accepting nominations for the Buckingham award.† This award is to recognize people who have been in the aging field for years.† October 15 is the deadline.† Mark reported that he is putting together a strategic planning position paper for the Governor.† Mark reported that he was reappointed to the Commission for another four years.


Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee went over their goals.† Mary announced that the Job Fair committee started meeting.† The next meeting will be on November 6th at 12:00 p.m. at the Chilson Senior Center.†


Media & Public Relations Committee

Cassie Castleberry stated that she felt both the Legislative Breakfast and Bridging the Gap went very well.† Cassie reported that the committee established their goals and objectives.


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

Ellen Pihlstrom reported that the committee discussed the Foundation on Aging relationship with the Office on Aging.† In addition, Ellen reported that since ARCH did not receive the extension grant, there was discussion on ARCH funding.† The committee also reviewed questions for United Way.


Margaret stated that Lauraís ARCH position is funded through 2010.† If new money cannot be found to fund this position, the Office on Aging will fund the position with funding from the Older Americanís Act.† Margaret explained that if this funding option is used, the ARCH program will only be able to serve the 60 and older population.† Margaret explained that in order to serve the under 60 population, the position needs 30% of the funding from a source other than the Older Americanís Act.


Pubic Policy & Advocacy Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the committee discussed a few transportation issues.† Stan stated that the legislators that attended the Legislative Breakfast had good comments about the presentation.


Staff Reports

Laura Sutherlin announced that the ARCH program will proceed with plans to work with discharge planners despite not receiving the extension grant.†


Margaret reported on behalf of Lynette McGowan.† The Colorado Trust grant is taking 25% of Lynetteís time to oversee that Coalition.† Margaret commented that great things are going on in the Caregiver Support Program as seen by the video shown last month.


Katy Mason thanked everyone for their site visit participation.† Katy stated that she thought they went really well.† Katy thanked Laura Sutherlin for stepping up and helping since Katy got overloaded.† Katy reported that the comments regarding the Legislative Breakfast seem to revolve around changing the time of year because legislators are so busy campaigning.† ††



Helen Davis stated that she would like to broaden the provider presentations.† There was a suggestion for a discussion regarding the economy since there will be a lot more people needing services.† Helen asked the council to let her know if they have ideas for topics or presentations.


Barbara Nuss announced that her calendar books are available if you would like to look at them.


Katy Mason announced that the new Answers on Aging Resource Guides are available.†


ADJOURNMENT ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Helen adjourned the meeting at 3:26 p.m.