October 13, 2005


Held at 248 Welch Avenue

Berthoud, Colorado  80513


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Paul Bell

Carolyn Funk


Gerry Hinks

Elnora McCloughan

Barbara Nuss


Ellen Pihlstrom

Carol Rehme

Karen Reinhardt


Mary Shultz

Lloyd Spawn

Earl Stevens


Janet Tosch

Stan Ulrich

Hal Wilson


Sharon Zamora







Members Absent

Bill Benton

Steve Budner

Reggie Kemp


Olivia Larry

Ray Martinez






Staff Present:

Tina Hugo

Katy Mason

Margaret Long


Lynette McGowan

Karen Wagner






Guests Present:

C. Dean Miller




Lloyd Spawn called the meeting to order.


There were no guests present.


There was no open discussion or community input.


Without objection, Lloyd Spawn ruled that the agenda stand as presented. 


Hal Wilson responded that there are changes to page 3 under the Loveland Senior Advisory Board.  Hal recommended “training session” be changed to read “meeting,” and that “Seasons Club” be change to read “Chilson Senior Center”.  Hal also noted that the Chilson is spelled incorrectly in the minutes.


Lloyd Spawn recommended changes to page 2 under Discussion and Possible Vote on Support of Referendum C & D.  Lloyd suggested that his name be added to the abstention.  Lloyd also recommended changes to page 5 under Announcements, third paragraph.  Lloyd made the comments regarding Referendum C & D, not Margaret Long.


Lloyd Spawn recommended that when the committees discuss their goals for 2006, they think outside of the box and make their goals specific, challenging and measurable.  He asked the committee chairs to get these goals to either himself or Margaret before the next meeting.


Lloyd commented that there will be a Centenarian celebration for Anton Eggerly at 2:00 p.m. on November 11th at Blue Grouse.  Karen Wagner commented that she will be attending.  Barbara Nuss reported that there was an announcement in the Reporter Harold on Sunday of a centenarian, Ester Mauer.  Margaret Long stated that the Office on Aging staff will follow-up to get Ester a Centenarian certificate.


Lloyd announced that he attended a presentation by Good Samaritan regarding co-housing and has information for anyone interested.


Lloyd distributed a copy of the Senior Marketplace and pointed out that there was an editorial he wrote about Referendum C & D on page 9.


Margaret Long reported that she has been working with the state on the final stages of developing a State Policies and Procedures manual for the AAA’s.  This would be in addition to Volume 10.  Margaret noted that there were several significant issues with this manual.  Specifically, she noted that there were unfunded mandates in regards to the nutrition programs.  Margaret reported that she has also been working with the AAA’s and the state on a contract that would change the AAA’s from receiving a grant award to a contractual relationship.  She is reviewing the latest draft of the contract.


Margaret commented that the state will be visiting the Office on Aging Wednesday through Friday of next week to conduct an evaluation of the program.


Margaret noted that during November the council should expect to discuss and approve a plan with a six month budget for funding.  Margaret would like to wait to see what the outcome of Referendum C & D is before preparing the budget.  Margaret suggested that if C & D passes, she would consider releasing more of the contingency funds which would result in a $10-20k cut in funding.  If C & D do not pass, she would most likely reserve some of the contingency funds which would result in a $40-45k cut in funding.


Margaret distributed a compilation of the outcomes of the State White House Conference on Aging.


Carolyn Funk asked the council for feedback regarding the “Drive Well” film that was previewed after the last council meeting.  Janet Tosch commented that the film was an excellent reminder of issues and did not present the issue as “bad”.  Janet suggested that we add this topic to the Speakers Bureau.  Karen Reinhardt commented that the film was a good way of promoting awareness of potential hazardous driving behaviors which will give people an opportunity to make adjustments to their driving.  Lloyd Spawn commented that this is a tough subject for caregivers to approach with aging adults when it becomes clear that they should stop driving. 


Katy Mason reported that the web tool that Medicare was suppose to have available, is not up and running yet.  This makes planning the educational forums difficult without the availability of the web tool.  Katy commented that after the last conference call, her feeling is that there are too many variables which will make it difficult for volunteers to help consumers choose appropriately.  At the last report, there are 40+ plans available which vary widely as far as premiums, deductibles, co-pays, formularies, and approach to the donut hole coverage.  Katy feels that the web tool will not sufficiently take into account all of the variables and will not make the choice easy.  There will need to be a lot of analysis completed by the consumer.  Katy commented that the volunteers would be able to get consumers to a certain point, but then what?  She does not feel that the process will be as straightforward as the transition plan was.  Katy has huge concerns with dual-eligible clients and acknowledges that it will be a continual problem without additional funding and staffing.  Katy reported that the general feeling is that the formularies will shrink over time.  Katy reported that the Medicare Handbook had been mailed out with a big mistake regarding premiums.   


Katy reported that there are two educational presentations on October 27th and November 12th at the Chilson Senior Center.  These meetings will funnel consumers to the computer lab at Thompson Valley High School on November 19th for assistance.


Katy reported that there will be another one-on-one counseling session at the computer lab at CSU on December 3rd.


Katy stated that there will be another training sponsored by the Access to Benefits Coalition on October 27th.


Katy reported that she is already getting calls that she cannot answer regarding how this program works with SSI clients.  While doing research she received four different answers from four different people that know these programs.



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

C. Dean Miller commented that the Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon was a great event and that our advisory council should be honored that the recipient of the annual award is a council member.


Dean reported that the advisory board is struggling with the healthcare issues that were discussed at Bridging the Gap.  The board would like to obtain a copy of the presentation that was presented.  Dean explained that the board would like to get the information to the legislatures and congress next year.


Dean has been asked by the board to attend the conference “Connect People / Building Communities”.  He found it interesting that there is a common concern with economic security and healthcare concerns.  Dean has also been asked to attend a focus group held by the City of Fort Collins Human Rights Division.  This group would like to define the role of older people in developing community. 

Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported the board had a presentation by Keith Reester to discuss transportation in Loveland. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the foundation discussed the possibility of a group taking on the responsibility of coordinating senior events in the county so they would not fall in the same period of time.  Lloyd Spawn suggested that this be a topic of discussion during the next Executive Committee meeting.


Larimer County Commissioner

Karen Wagner reported that she attended the Homecoming Parade that she and Commissioner Gibson held a banner supporting C & D that said “Magic Happens When We Work Together.”  Karen asked if the Office on Aging is working with the Health Department to coordinate flu shots for seniors.  Margaret commented that several of our contractors such as RVNA are giving shots in the community. 


Education Committee

Mary Shultz commented that we have members of the board that have received the award at Bridging the Gap for three years in a row.  These members are Stan Ulrich, Earl Stevens and Mary Shultz.  Mary thanked those who were table hosts at Bridging the Gap. 


Mary reported that all the site visits have been completed and was impressed with our providers.  Mary stated that the committee also discussed goals for 2006.


Executive Committee

Lloyd Spawn reported that the committee discussed attendance.  The committee believes that it is important to call and get excused rather than not show up at the meeting.  Lloyd pointed out that since there is a lot of interest from other people to participate on the council it is important to show up.


Comments added by Administrative Assistant:  The proper way to “call in” is to either call Tina Hugo at 498-6809 or email her at


Health Committee

Nancy Arthur announced that the next committee meeting will be October 25th.  Nancy commented that she has left messages with the applicants to see if they would be interested in participating on the committee.


Lloyd Spawn commented that there were two people that showed up for the Education committee meeting.  Karen Reinhardt commented that she contacted the people interested in Transportation.


Membership Committee

Carolyn Funk reported that she had called council members to remind them and reinforce the rules of calling Tina Hugo to get excused from attending the council meetings.


Nutrition Committee

Hal Wilson reported that he, Glen Rathgeber, and Margaret Long attend an award dinner put on by VOA.  Larimer County received an award for Excellence in Government.  VOA gave this award to recognize the Office on Aging’s efforts and cooperation with the nutrition program contracting.


Senior Attainable Housing Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that he is in the process of trying to set a meeting with Dr. Collins at UNC to discuss the outcome of the questionnaire completed a few months ago. 


Transportation Committee

Karen Reinhardt reported that the committee has completed their site visits.  Elnora McCloughan reported on the meeting with Richard Guest from Human Services.  Richard Guest confirmed that his department will take over the funding for transportation.  Margaret Long commented that she has met with Kathy Snell and Richard to plan what will happen next. 


Staff Reports

Lynette McGowan distributed pins and bookmarks to raise awareness for Family Care giving.  November is Family Caregiver month.  Lynette commented that the Senior Yellow Pages have been updated and now needs volunteers to distribute the book throughout the community.


Katy Mason thanked all the members for conducting the site visits to the providers.  She appreciates any and all input. 



Lloyd Spawn reported that Bill Benton has tended his resignation due to health problems.  Lloyd commented that Ray Martinez has three unexcused absences. 


Lloyd announced that the AARP conference “Strive, Thrive Be Alive” will be on October 20th.


Lloyd announced that there will be a Larimer County Volunteer Reception at the Lincoln Center on October 24, 2005 at 4:30pm. 


Lloyd announced that he had information on a Medicare meeting at Good Samaritan and that there is a health care meeting at Regis in Denver on November 1st and 5th.


Barbara Nuss announced that she is selling raffle tickets as a fundraising for Loveland Meals on Wheels.  The tickets are $5.00 and give you entrance into Foley’s on October 24th and enables you to receive 25% off of a purchase that day.


Elnora McCloughan announced that the Berthoud Community Center is having a fundraiser selling candy and nuts.


Katy Mason announced that there will be volunteer training sessions for Medicare Part D on October 27th at Good Samaritan, October 29th in Fort Collins and November 2nd in Loveland.



Lloyd Spawn adjourned the meeting.