September 8, 2009



Members In Attendance:



Ruben Blanco


Stephen Gillette, Solid Waste Dept

Melissa Chalona


Steve Harem, Solid Waste Dept

Jennifer Lee


Susie Gordon, City of Fort Collins

Ryan McShane


Devin Odell

Kate Muldoon



Willem Scott


Staff :

Jarrett Tishmack


Doug Ryan

Bill Zawacki




Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.† Devin Odell, who served on the EAB from 2005 until his appointment as a District Court Judge in July, expressed his appreciation for the work of the EAB and thanked the new members for their willingness to volunteer and participate on the Board.† A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mr. Odell for his service on the EAB.


Discussion Items:

Solid Waste:† Stephen Gillette and Steve Harem from the county Solid Waste Department provided an update on the Department and current activities related to recycling and the landfill for the year-to-date.† Specific topics covered included statistics on landfill volume, recycling tonnage, groundwater monitoring, methane gas monitoring and recovery efforts, fugitive dust control, and the Fossil Creek channel rehab project.† The financial downturn has impacted landfill operations.† The volume of solid waste received at the landfill is down almost 13% for the year.† This results in a direct reduction of tipping fees received.† Solid Waste Department staff are taking furlough days to adjust for the lost operating revenue.†


Ozone: † Doug Ryan updated the Advisory Board on ozone air quality for this summer, and on issues related to compliance with the more stringent ozone standard adopted in 2008.† The information provided included a background summary sheet describing ozone air quality standards, health impacts, and measures underway for reducing ozone forming emissions.† Results from the 2009 summer monitoring season were presented.† The North Front Range region did experience exceedances of the 2008 8-hour ozone standard at several monitors.† Information was also provided on preliminary computer modeling to predict future ozone air quality.† The modeling results to-date indicate that significant future emission reductions will be necessary in order to comply with the air quality standards.† A formal plan for addressing attainment with the 2008 ozone standard must be prepared by the state and submitted to the EPA by early 2013.†


Strategy Mapping:† The EAB continued their discussion about strategy maps.† These maps were prepared by county staff and are ultimately intended to help the departments and the Commissioners prioritize and make budget decisions.† The Advisory Board has been asked to review the maps and provide comments that can be utilized as the maps are updated in early 2010.† The members held a brief discussion about the intended use of the strategy maps for budgeting and program development purposes.† Following that discussion, the Board decided to continue their formal review of the maps in October.† Members were asked to review the maps individually prior to that meeting, and to consider three questions in their review:† Are the factors shown on the maps for each main topic the important ones for the county to address?; Are there suggestions for modifications to improve the causal pathways to the end result statements?; Do the EAB members have any advice or experience using strategy maps or similar projects that would be useful to pass on to the departments?.†


Chairís Comments:

Melissa Chalona attended the presentation on alternative energy development that was provided by the Governorís Energy Office for county staff and advisory boards on August 12.† That presentation discussed the opportunities Ė but not necessarily the constraints posed by alternative energy development.† Larimer County adopted 1041 land use code requirements for larger power plants and electric transmission lines in 2008.† The county is currently considering adding solar power plants to the list of uses requiring a 1041 land use permit.† It was the consensus of the Advisory Board that they would be interested in consulting with staff on this topic.† Doug Ryan was asked to work with the Planning Department on a possible future discussion with the EAB on this topic.


Approval of August Minutes:

Minutes from the August 11 meeting were approved as presented.



†Doug Ryan provided a brief description of a current Forest Service planning project related to emergency tree clearing along electric power lines.† The project would allow power line companies to remove vegetation impacted by bark beetle infestation in order to protect the lines from treefall or fire damage.† The Forest Service is currently in the scoping phase of this project.† Staff from the Planning, Engineering and Health Departments have meet to review the proposal, and are preparing comments related to potential impacts.† Important topics include air and water quality, access, and siting of temporary uses such as sawmills.† Written comments are due by October 3.† The Advisory Board members indicated that they felt this was an appropriate level of review for the project.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


October Meeting Agenda:

Strategy Mapping, Environmental Stewardship Awards



The meeting ended at 9:00 PM