September 16, 2008



Members In Attendance:



Melissa Chalona


Steve Harem, Solid Waste Department

Dale Lockwood


Rose Watson, Solid Waste Department

Todd McCowin


Cara Blake

Devin Odell


Kristen Narren

Tom Sneider


Tarah Fowler

Heidi Steltzer



Sherm Worthington



Bill Zawacki


Doug Ryan


Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Ozone Air Quality.† Doug Ryan provided an update on the 2008 ozone summer season and planning efforts to further reduce ozone levels.† He presented a table with ozone monitoring results for the Denver Metro/North Front Range region.†† The ozone season runs from June through August.† This year there were a number of individual exceedances of the current 0.075 parts per million 8-hour standard.† Compliance with the federal 8-hour standard is determined by calculating a 3-year average of the 4th maximum daily ozone value from each of the three proceeding years.† Those calculations were provided for the 2006-2008 timeframe.† Nine out of sixteen monitoring stations exceeded the current standard, which was adopted by the U.S. †EPA in 2008.† A summary of this monitoring information is available at†


A draft Denver Metro & North Front Range Ozone Action Plan has been prepared in response to exceedances of the ozone standard and the resultant non-attainment designation by the U.S. EPA.† Mr. Ryan provided some background information about the plan, together with an outline of the emission control strategies it contains for reducing ozone precursors.† The full plan, which will be presented to the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission for approval in September, is available at, under the topic of Ozone Stakeholder Involvement Process.† County staff has been involved in this issue through the stakeholder process and as part of a technical advisory committee to the North Front Range Transportation and Air Quality Planning Council.†


Solid Waste.† Steve Harem and Rose Watson provided an overview of the recent activities of the Solid Waste Department.† Mr. Harem discussed landfill operations and emphasized environmental considerations including water and air quality, and methane gas.† A power point presentation was used to illustrate these issues.† Several areas at the landfill have been completed and are undergoing final cover and revegetation.† The County has an air emissions permit for the landfill operation that was issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.† Dealing with fugitive dust emissions is one of the most time-intensive aspects of the air emissions issues.† There is a possibility that methane gas generated in the landfill can be collected and used for its energy content.† It has been difficult, however, to obtain a commitment from a buyer in order to justify the expense of installing a methane collection system.†


Rose Watson discussed recycling.† She made several resources available to the members, including a copy of the Rycylcone Times that discusses the new expanded plastics recycling opportunities.† Ms. Watson noted that while glass is currently being recycled in the single-stream process, keeping glass separate improves its recyclability.† There are currently three drop-off centers that have glass-only containers.† Those are the Fort Collins facility on Riverside, the Landfill, and the City of Loveland facility on North Wilson Avenue.† The recycling center at the landfill is now accepting electronics for recycling, although a fee is charged.† Educational outreach, including programs at the Garbage Garage and presentations at area schools are offered through the Solid Waste Department.†


Issue Index.† Members discussed the EAB Issue Index and made some additions related to coordinators for specific topics.† The Index is a list of topics that the Advisory Board is currently following or has followed in the past.† It serves as a reminder of important topics under consideration and as a record of issues considered in the past.† Melissa Chalona was added as a coordinator for Landfill Operations and Ozone Air Quality.† Todd McCowin was listed as a coordinator for County Green Objectives.†


Chairís Comments:

Dale Lockwood noted that the County Commissioners have completed their final written comments on the draft EIS for the Northern Integrated Supply Project, or NISP.† As part of the final compilation of those comments, Commissioner Eubanks asked some of the Boards & Commissioners to expend on their comments.† Mr. Lockwood was able to provide the requested information related to the EAB comments.† Staff worked with the Commissioners to prepare the final letter.† It was signed by Commissioner Gibson on September 12 and sent to the Army Corps of Engineers.† An electronic copy has been provided to the EAB members.†


Mr. Lockwood noted that several members received an email message from Peggy Arevalos, a resident near the Owl Canyon corridor.† Ms. Arevalos objected to the EABís August 20 memo to the Public Works Department concerning the Owl Corridor Project.† The email message was shared with all in attendance.† Mr. Ryan was asked to forward the message to the Public Works Department and Commissioner Eubanks, and to inform Ms. Arevalos of this action.


Approval of August Minutes:

Minutes from the August 12 meeting were approved as presented.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


October Meeting Agenda:

Stewardship awards recommendations to the County Commissioners



The meeting ended at 8:20 pm.