August 12, 2008



Members In Attendance:



Melissa Chalona


Marc Engemoen, Public Works

Mike Erickson


Martina Wilkinson, Engineering

Michael Jones


Kyle Arend, Engineering

Jennifer Lee



Dale Lockwood



Todd McCowin


Doug Ryan

Devin Odell



Tom Sneider



Heidi Steltzer



Bill Zawacki




Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Election of Vice-Chair.† Devin Odell was nominated to fill the vacant vice-chair position.† The nomination was accepted by unanimous acclamation.†


Owl Canyon Corridor Project.† Mark Engemoen, Martina Wilkinson and Kyle Arend provided an update on the Owl Canyon corridor project.† A series of information boards were used to illustrate traffic and level of service issues along the corridor.† This is a project to evaluate traffic levels and infrastructure improvement needs along the Owl Canyon corridor.† Based on current and projected traffic levels, paving on the gravel section and other structural improvements are warranted.† The County has been engaged in a project to examine a wide variety of options in the corridor for designating the most appropriate route for the needed improvements.† It was emphasized that this project is not intended to be a truck bypass.† Data available indicates that traffic levels currently exceed level of service standards for roadway improvements.† The ultimate configuration is intended to remain part of the County road transportation network.† Road segments between the endpoints of Highway 287 and I-25 have been evaluated based on cost effectiveness, adjacent land uses, environmental resources, connectivity, and safety.† A number of open houses and discussions with individual land owners have been conducted in an effort to communicate widely with the public about the need for improvements and to obtain feedback from effected people.† The next phase of the project will innvolve more extensive evaluation of three route alternatives that were selected based on the initial analysis.†


The Advisory Board discussed the information provided by staff.† It was noted that the reliance on mostly existing traffic corridors is a positive way to avoid additional environmental impacts. It was the consensus of the Advisory Board that the public process and technical evaluation are on the right track in terms of identifying the most appropriate alternatives.†† The EAB would be interested in reviewing the detailed environmental analyses for the final route, and authorized sending a letter to staff offering to do so.


Stewardship Awards.† Doug Ryan asked for volunteers to serve on this yearís Environmental Stewardship Awards Committee.† Dale Lockood, Todd McCowin, Tom Sneider and Melissa Chalona volunteered and were appointed.† The Committee will review the 2008 nominations and make their recommendations to the full EAB at the October EAB meeting.†


Chairís Comments:

Dale Lockwood reported that he and Doug Ryan met with Commissioner Eubanks to discuss the pending release of the North I-25 EIS and the potential role for the EAB in reviewing that report.† Based on the discussion at the meeting, Commissioner Eubanks scheduled a short discussion with the full BCC at the August 5 Administrative Matters meeting.† At that later meeting, the Commissioners adopted a motion requesting the EAB to review the draft EIS when it is released, and to report back to the Commissioners on the environmental and land use implications of the various alternatives prior to the end of the 45-day public comment period.


Approval of July Minutes:

Minutes from the July 8 meeting were approved as submitted.



Doug Ryan updated the EAB on the status of the county process for developing formal comments to the Army Corps of Engineers on the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP).† The Commissioners have scheduled a worksession for August 25 to consider the internal and public comments that have been received.† It is anticipated that the Commissioners will provide direction at the worksession for the final official letter.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


September Meeting Agenda:

Solid Waste update, issue index review



The meeting ended at 8:20 pm.