April 14, 2009    



Members In Attendance:



Michael Jones


John Dixon

Jennifer Lee



Dale Lockwood



Kate Muldoon


Doug Ryan

Devin Odell



Heidi Steltzer



Sherm Worthington



Bill Zawacki




Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

North I-25 EIS:  Doug Ryan provided an update on the status of the project for selecting the preferred alternative for the draft environmental impact statement related to transportation improvements along the I-25 corridor through the year 2035.  Since the close of the comment period for the draft EIS in December, 2008, the Colorado Department of Transportation has held a series of meetings with local governments (both technical staff and elected officials) on the process of choosing the preferred alternative for presentation in the final EIS.  Mr. Ryan outlined the results of those discussions to date, and described the current thinking on I-25 lane configuration and intersection improvements, I-25 express bus service, commuter rail service between Fort Collins and Longmont, Highway 85 commuter bus service, and congestion management measures.  It is anticipated that the final local government meeting will occur on April 23 and focus on identification of priorities for the various improvements.  Then the project sponsors will work on preparing the final EIS and Record of Decision.  Future updates with the EAB will be scheduled when information about the final EIS is available.


NISP EIS:  The advisory board discussed the status of the Army Corps of Engineer’s environmental impact statement for the Northern Integrated Supply Project.  The Corps has announced that it intends to prepare a supplemental draft EIS that will concentrate on data needs that were identified related to hydrology modeling, water quality, vegetation and aquatic resources.  As the Corps prepares the supplemental draft, it will require that studies for NISP and the anticipated Halligan-Seaman Reservoirs Expansion EIS use common baseline models and data collection and analyses to ensure that study results are consistent among the projects.  The anticipated schedule is to have a daft supplemental EIS available for public comment around June 2010.  Future updates with the EAB will be scheduled when information about the supplemental draft EIS is available.


Approval of February Minutes:

The minutes from the February 10th meeting were approved as submitted.



Michael Jones provided a brief background summary, and noted that the County’s Horse Facilities Study had progressed over the last two months.  The County Commissioners appointed a Working Group consisting of stakeholders representing business and community interests.  Their  first meeting in March focused on reviewing various county land use standards for equine businesses.  Future meetings will be used to analyze compatibility issues and come up with recommendations for possible revised land use standards.  Mr. Jones will continue to follow the process, and inform the EAB on the opportunity to review and comment on potential standards. 


Doug Ryan noted that the County is currently advertising for applicants for boards and commissions, including the Environmental Advisory Board.  The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, May 1st.


Doug Ryan noted that the anticipated land use application for the proposed wind farm at Maxwell Ranch has been delayed by the applicants.  The Advisory Board has been asked to review and comment on the application once it is received. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


May Meeting Agenda:

BCC coordination issues, ozone air quality



The meeting ended at 7:30 PM