April 8, 2008



Members In Attendance:



Mike Erickson


Bob Boggio

Jennifer Lee



Dale Lockwood



Kate Muldoon


Doug Ryan

Devin Odell



Tom Sneider



Heidi Steltzer



Bill Zawacki




Discussion Items:

Recycling.  This item was in response to a request from Bob Boggio to appear on the EAB’s agenda to discuss recycling and solid waste issues.  The agenda packet also included a letter from Mr. Boggio dated March 27, 2008.  Mr. Boggio has a technical background as an environmental engineer and hazardous waste consultant.  In his presentation to the EAB, Mr. Boggio outlined some of the individual items discussed in his March 27 letter.  It appears that one of the principle issues of concern for Mr. Boggio was the lack of a formal plan to decrease the amount of solid waste landfilled and increase recycling.  Advisory Board members pointed out that the recycling center and the updated contract for its management do demonstrate a commitment to recycling in the County.  Mr. Boggio made the point that he would like to see a more formalized system with measurable goals for progress. 


During the discussion, Doug Ryan indicated that it was his understanding that the Solid Waste Department is planning to convene a Solid Waste Summit in the future.  Such a summit would present an opportunity to discuss the vision for the future of the solid waste system.  As a group, the Advisory Board also indicted that they would be interested in participating in a summit if requested to do so by the Commissioners or the Solid Waste Department.  Following the discussion, Devin Odell moved, and Mike Erickson seconded a motion to forward a copy of Mr. Boggio’s comments to the County Commissioners, and to include a statement of support for the planned Solid Waste Summit along with an offer by the EAB to participate.  The motion passed unanimously. 


North I-25 EIS.  This agenda item was a continuation of the EAB’s discussion from March and April about the anticipated summer 2008 release of the draft North I-25 Environmental Impact Statement.  The EIS is designed to examine transportation needs in the I-25 corridor through the year 2030.  The EAB reviewed a draft memo intended to communicate the EAB’s support for the Commissioners to take a leadership role regarding collaboration on selecting the final alternative.  Related to this issue, Dale Lockwood and Heidi Steltzer provided an update for the members on the Regional Transportation Summit that was sponsored by the North Front Range MPO and held on March 26.  A strong theme that emerged from that meeting was that regional cooperation is essential for developing a consensus around a vision and for obtaining federal funding.


The members discussed the draft memo, and indicated that some wording changes would strengthen the message that the Advisory Board wants to convey.  Tom Sneider and Dale Lockwood offered to propose some revised language.  A revised draft memo will be sent to members by email, and an email vote to authorize and send the letter will be conducted.


NISP EIS.  Doug Ryan reviewed the schedule for the release and public comment period for the draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP), which includes construction of the proposed Glade Reservoir.  The Larimer County Commissioners plan to submit formal comments to the Army Corps of Engineers, and plan to obtain input from the public as well as several boards and commissions to assist in developing their comments.  Important dates for the EAB related to this process have been identified:


April 30:                 Release of the draft EIS and start of the Army Corps 90-day comment period.

May 5:                    County Commissioner informational meeting with a presentation on the EIS by the Army

Corps.  The EAB is asked to attend.

May 13                   EAB open meeting to consider the draft EIS

June 10                 EAB open meeting to finalize comments to the Commissioners on the draft EIS

June 23                 Due date for boards and commissions comments to the Commissioners’ office

July 7                      County Commissioner public meeting to take comments on the draft EIS

July 22                   County Commissioners adopt their official comments

July 29                   Comments on the draft EIS due to the Army Corps of Engineers


Approval of March Minutes:

Minutes from the May 11, 2008 meeting were approved as presented.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


Summary of BCC Communication Issues:

A letter regarding recycling and Mr. Boggio’s discussion with the EAB will be sent to the County Commissioners.


The members will review revisions for a letter to the County Commissioners about the North I-25 EIS.  If authorized by an email vote, the approved letter will be sent to the County Commissioners.


May Meeting Agenda:

NISP (Glade Reservoir) draft EIS review



The meeting concluded at 8:00 pm.