February 9, 2010



Members In Attendance:


Staff :

Ruben Blanco


Doug Ryan

Melissa Chalona



Kimberly Karish



Jennifer Lee



Ryan McShane



Willem Scott



Jarrett Tishmack




Citizen Comments:

The members reviewed a letter from Evelyn King to the EAB about her concerns regarding the draft Rocky Mountain National Park Nitrogen Deposition Reduction Contingency Plan.  That Plan is scheduled to be considered by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission in April.  The Plan sets nitrogen deposition targets aimed at managing adverse ecosystem effects in the National Park.  If those targets are not met, the parties to the plan would work together to develop and implement contingency measures to reduce emissions of nitrogen containing compounds.  The parties that developed the plan are the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Ms. King’s letter objected to the discussion in the Plan pertaining to emission reductions from vehicle inspection programs that might be expanded into the North Front Range.  The Plan notes that an inspection program is part of current planning under the region’s 2008 Ozone Action Plan, and also indicates that future changes –  such as tightening the inspection and maintenance program requirements –  are potential contingency measures in future nitrogen deposition targets are not met.  It was the consensus of the members that the Plan was accurate in the way it outlined planned and potential contingency measures, and that any changes to the vehicle inspection program would need to be approved by the Air Quality Control Commission in a public rulemaking process.  Ms. King also indicated that it was her analyses that the projected fuel savings to be achieved through the introduction of a vehicle inspection program would not be achieved if Estes Park drivers were forced to drive to Loveland to have their cars inspected.  The EAB members noted that while some drivers probably would make an extra trip for the inspection, it would still be reasonable to assume that fuel would be saved in the North Front Range region based on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s estimated fuel efficiency gains from those vehicles in the region that failed the emissions test and had their cars repaired.  The EAB indicated that the Contingency Plan does not appear to be flawed in this regard.  It was noted by staff that the County Commissioners have taken a position against introduction of vehicle inspection as proposed in the rulemaking process currently underway by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission.  The Advisory Board elected not to take a formal position on the language in the Contingency Plan that references vehicle inspection. 


Discussion Items:

Middle Bald Mountain Communications Site :  The EAB continued their discussion from January.  The members reviewed the 2009 Pericle Communications study which evaluated VHF and 800 MHz radio coverage in the Poudre Canyon and Red Feather Lakes areas.  That study is available on the County’s website at  Following a lengthy discussion about this topic, the members noted that the need for improved emergency communications and the need to minimize negative impacts will require careful balance if a satisfactory resolution is to be achieved.  Jennifer Lee moved, and Jerrett Tishmack seconded a motion to authorize the Chair to send a letter to the Commissioners informing them about the substance of their discussions and particularly about the importance of adequately evaluating the visibility issue both at the NEPA and County land use permitting process.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Approval of January Minutes:

Minutes from the January 12 meeting were approved as presented.




The Advisory Board received a written update from Stacey Baumgarn in the Facilities Department about the County’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.  The proposed strategies to implement the grant were submitted to the Department of Energy on January 19 of this year.  The EAB reviewed the strategies at its January meeting. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


March Meeting Agenda:

Updated on Alps tire pile cleanup, uranium mining



The meeting ended at 7:30 PM.