December 8, 2009



Members In Attendance:


Staff :

Melissa Chalona


Doug Ryan

Kimberly Karish



Jennifer Lee



Ryan McShane



Kate Muldoon



Jarrett Tishmack



Bill Zawacki




Amendments or Additions to the Agenda:

The scheduled updates regarding Alps Tire and Uranium Mining were tabled until the January meeting.


Discussion Items:

EAB Issue Index:  The members reviewed their Issue Index, with emphasis on those items that are currently shown as ‘active’ review status.  The results of those discussions are shown on the chart attached to these minutes.  Doug Ryan will update the Index to reflect decisions made by the Advisory Board.


EAB 2010 Workplan:  A workplan for 2010 will be a part of the Advisory Board’s 2009 Annual Report.  Members reviewed their 2009 plan, and made updates to reflect the status of current event topics.  New items added to that category will include consideration of alternative energy proposals, and an initial consideration of the future of greenhouse gas emission controls and its potential impact within the County.  Doug Ryan will prepare the workplan for inclusion in the annual report. 


Election of Officers:

Kate Muldoon moved, and Jarrett Tishmack seconded a motion to re-elect Melissa Chalona as Chair and Bill Zawacki as Vice-chair for 2010.  The motion passed unanimously.


Chair’s Comments:

Melissa Chalona announced that she has been appointed to the Regional Air Quality Council as a member from the North Front Range.  The RAQC considers air quality issues in the Denver Metro/North Front Range Region. 


Approval of November Minutes:

Minutes from the November 8 meeting were approved as corrected.



Kimberly Karish noted that she has researched some websites that show ‘hot link’ or spider web designs for illustrating relationships between concepts or ideas.   This topic is related to a recommendation made by the EAB to County staff concerning the Strategy Maps for Budget Outcomes that was discussed in November. The members asked if the website addresses could be provided in an email message for their review.  Dr. Karish will send those links to the members.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


January 2010 Meeting Agenda:

Alps Tire, Uranium Mining, Middle Bald Mountain Tower



The meeting ended at 7:30 PM

Issue Index Review


The Environmental Advisory Board reviewed the status of active issues on their issue index in December 2009 and made the following decisions:                                                                                                                          

Issue Index Topic  (current active issues)

EAB Discussion

EAB Coordinator(s)

1.03 Domestic Animal Standards: The EAB reviewed the draft proposal for regulating horse business that was prepared by the Working Group and prepared comments in November.  Process is ongoing at BCC level.

Retain active status and review additional materials as requested by planning staff

Michael Jones

1.09 Solar Energy Regulations:  The EAB reviewed the County proposal to regulate solar power and prepared comments in November.  Public Hearings are scheduled for the PC and BCC.  Future regulations under statutory 1041 Powers are pending.

Change to the ‘watch’ category pending a future referral from staff  on other alternative energy categories


2.04 Maxwell Ranch Wind Farm:  Project withdrawn by CSU, but anticipating a re-submittal later in 2010.

Retain active status and review as requested by BCC.  Consider an informational update on general environmental impact analyses

Kate Muldoon

Kimberly Karish

2.05 Bald Mountain Radio Tower:  BCC requested that the Forest Service prepare an Environmental Assessment for the County project

Retain active status and schedule an update first quarter 2010

Michael Jones

3.04 North I-25 EIS:   Commissioners reviewed EAB and staff comments and provided comments on the draft EIS in late 2008.  The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is working on the final decision.

Change to the watch category pending a request for additional comments from the BCC.  Schedule an update when the final EIS is issued.


3.07 Magnesium chloride for road treatment:  MgCl2 on County mountain gravel roads has been restricted.  Experience with the substitute X-hesion® less satisfactory than hoped.  Ongoing studies with CSU have been expanded to more mountain/plains gravel roads.  Very limited use of MgCl2 in conjunction with winter sanding on plowed paved roadways. 

Retain active status, and ask Public Work to update the EAB as future studies are completed


3.09 Owl Canyon Corridor project:  Commissioners adopted the Owl Canyon Corridor plan in 2008.  EAB indicated an interest in reviewing environmental assessment for final route selection.

Keep active status, and mark next review date as TBD pending the draft final route selection process


Jennifer Lee

4.01 Recycling & 4.03 Solid Waste/Landfill Operations:  Last update was September 2009.  Major emphasis regarding changes was on recycling.  Economics and quality of recyclables are key indicators.

Retain annual update schedule

Melissa Chalona

4.04 Alps Tire Pile cleanup:  Majority of approximately 5 million tires removed under the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant.  Serious environmental hazard mitigated.  Approx 2 thousand stacked tires remain.  The Colorado Department of Health & Environment (CDPHE) issued a compliance order to complete the cleanup late in 2009.  An EAB update is scheduled for January 2010

Consider review status following the scheduled update in January 2010

Michael Jones

6.02 Water storage (NISP & the related 3.06 Highway 287 bypass): A Supplemental Draft EIS is under preparation for release by the Army Corps of Engineers in mid-2010. 

Keep active category, and mark next review date as TBD pending release of the supplemental draft

Jennifer Lee

Ruben Blanco


8.01 Environmental Stewardship Awards:  The awards ceremony for 2009 was held on December 7.

Keep active category, and appoint a 2010 awards committee in August


9.02 Ozone:   The region is operating under the provisions of an Ozone Action Plan and related air quality rules.  Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance is scheduled to be implemented in the North Front Range in mid-2010.

Keep on active, and schedule an update for May to coincide with the start of the 2010 ozone season.  

Melissa Chalona

Kimberly Karish

10.03 Uranium Mining:  The EAB prepared a white paper on in-situ uranium mining for the Commissioners in 2008.  The EAB has scheduled an status update for January 2010

Retain the active category

Michael Jones

12.02 Green Objectives:   Based on federal stimulus grants, the County hired an energy coordinator in 2009.  It is anticipated that an energy policy and plan will be prepared for BCC review in 2010

Retain the active category and offer to review draft plans

Jennifer Lee

Kimberly Karish

16.02 Strategy Mapping for Budget Outcomes:  The EAB reviewed draft strategy maps and asked staff to summarize their discussion in a memo to staff in November. 

Switch to the “watch” category


18.03 West Nile Virus:   The incidence of West Nile Virus in humans declined in 2009.  Future funding issues are anticipated.  Ongoing surveillance is planned for the 2010

mosquito season.

Retain the active status and annual mid-season update

Ryan McShane