October 14, 2008



Members In Attendance:



Melissa Chalona


Doug Ryan

Mike Erickson



Michael Jones



Dale Lockwood



Devin Odell




This meeting of the Environmental Advisory Board did not contain a quorum, and so no official decisions were made.


Discussion Items:

Environmental Stewardship Awards.  The Awards Committee of the EAB met on two occasions since the September meeting to consider their recommendations to the full advisory board regarding recommendations to the County Commissioners for stewardship awards.  The awards committee includes Melissa Chalona, Dale Lockwood, Tom Sneider, and Todd McCowin.  This year 25 nominations were received.  The committee explained that they reviewed the nominations in detail, and recommended five to the EAB.  A discussion was held concerning the merits of all of the nominations.  Members not on the committee had questions about several of the nominations and the thoughts of the committee.  At the end of the discussion it was decided by consensus to have an email vote among the members of the five nominations recommended by the awards committee.  Doug Ryan will send an email to all the members and ask for a one-week reply.   If the replies indicated a decision of a quorum, Mr. Ryan will schedule a meeting with the County Commissioners to review all the nominations and the EAB recommendations.


Chair’s Comments:

Dale Lockwood noted that one of the Governor’s “Call to Action” meetings, conducted by the Blue Ribbon Committee on Transportation Issues, is scheduled to be held in the Fort Collins City Council chambers on Friday October 17 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.  Mr. Lockwood will attend and report back to the EAB.


Mr. Lockwood noted that the Colorado Division of Wildlife has announced that larval forms of zebra mussels and quagga mussels, two invasive species of mussels, have been discovered in Grand Lake on the west slope. 



Doug Ryan announced that a decision has been made to ask the EAB, along with the Agricultural Advisory Board and the Open Lands Advisory Board, to review and comment on the proposed Maxwell Ranch wind farm.  It is anticipated that a formal application will be received before the end of 2008.  While these advisory boards are not usually asked to review development applications, the decision in this case was based on the desire to obtain input on how the proposal might impact the adjacent County-owned Red Mountain Open Space.  Mr. Ryan noted that the Planning Department is working on organizing a possible field visit by staff and the Planning Commission to some existing wind farm operations.  The members noted that it would be very helpful if the EAB could be invited, and asked Mr. Ryan to pass that request along. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


Next Meeting Agenda:

Update on 1041 Regulations, North I-25 EIS, update on the Blue Ribbon Transportation meeting. 



The meeting ended at 8:00 PM