January 13, 2009



Members In Attendance:



Melissa Chalona


Doug Ryan

Mike Erickson



Michael Jones



Dale Lockwood



Kate Muldoon



Devin Odell



Tom Sneider



Heidi Steltzer




Discussion Items:

2009 Work Plan:  The Advisory Board considered the content for their 2009 work plan.  A work plan is created each year for inclusion in the EAB annual report.  The 2008 report will be distributed to the County Commissioners and other interested parties by the end of January.  Following their discussion, the Advisory Board approved the work plan. 


Green Committee Goals:  Doug Ryan presented the goal statements that were recently adopted by the county’s internal Green Practices Committee.  The Committee requested feedback on the goals from the EAB prior to their plan to present them to the county Department Heads and ultimately to the county Elected Officials for formal consideration.  The goals are divided into four categories including: sustainability management, internal county communication projects, internal county departmental support, and Climate Wise participation.  Mr. Ryan noted that the most significant of the goals is to develop a formal Sustainability Management Plan for county government operations.  As envisioned, such a plan would include components related to facilities management, transportation, recycling, procurement, energy use, alternative officing and meetings, and employee education and participation.  The Committee is also recommending that the county retain a sustainability coordinator to lead the development and implementation of the plan.  The Advisory Board members discussed the goal statements and indicated their overall support, and especially for the development of a Sustainability Management Plan.  Members noted that such a plan should identify a process for setting achievable goals, and would benefit the county through the institutionalization of green practices, energy efficiency and money saving practices.


North I-25 EIS:  Doug Ryan provided a brief update on the current activities for identifying the preferred alternative in this Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) related to transportation needs along the north I-25 corridor through the year 2030.  The EAB provided written comments to the County Commissioners on the draft EIS in December.  Mr. Ryan reported that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) received about 1,200 comments during the public comment period that closed on December 30, 2008.  In addition to evaluating those comments, CDOT is planning four meetings with technical and elected officials from local governments within the planning corridor during January and February.  The purpose of those meetings will be to develop input for selecting the preferred alternative, to be identified as part of the final EIS.  The Advisory Board has recognized the significant long-term regional importance of this project, and has communicated with the County Commissioners several times in the past.  Members asked Mr. Ryan to track the progress of the local government meetings and to report back in February.


Approval of December 2008 Minutes:

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as corrected.



Doug Ryan informed the EAB about a new initiative within the County to consider the issue of appropriate land use regulations related to horse boarding, ridding arenas, and equine event venues.  The program is being coordinated by Linda Hoffmann, Director in the Rural Land Use Center.  This one-year effort will involve considerable public outreach to both facility operators and community members.  A staff level technical advisory committee has been formed, and plans are underway to form a public working group following an initial series of public information meetings.  The EAB expressed interest in following this process and consulting as appropriate.  Michael Jones volunteered to be the EAB coordinator.


Melissa Chalona noted that a recent Coloradoan newspaper article indicated that plans are underway to reinstitute a vehicle inspection and maintenance program.  This program was authorized in the 2008 Ozone Action Plan which was recently adopted by the state Air Pollution Control Commission.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is tasked to write the regulatory language and contract with a vendor.  The program will differ from the old basic tailpipe testes.  The new program will follow the EPA Inspection and Maintenance 240 protocol, which is the same standard that is currently practiced in the Denver Metro area.  Vehicles in the program would need to be tested every other year at one of several test stations to be operated under a state contract.   The program costs would be paid by the motorists. 


An announcement for a series of open house events for the proposed wind farm project at Maxwell Ranch was distributed for the members’ information.  It is anticipated that a formal land use application will be submitted to the county in February.  The EAB has been asked to review and comment on the application. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


February Meeting Agenda:

West Nile Virus, Alps Tire Pile cleanup, North I-25 EIS, Future BCC communications



The meeting ended at 8:00 PM