December 12, 2006



Members In Attendance:



Sanjay Advani

Devin Odell

Tim Assal

David Gilkey

Jim Skarbek

Wendy Campbell

Jennifer Lee

Tom Sneider

Mark Korb, Rural Land Use Board

Dale Lockwood

Bill Zawacki

Troy Peterson, Rural Land Use Board

Vic Meyer


Jim Reidhead, Rural Land Use Center









Doug Ryan


Introduction of Members and Guests:

All in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Rural Land Use Center.

Jim Reidhead, Director of the Rural Land Use Center, provided an overview of the Centerís process.† The initial strategic planning that created the Rural Land Use Center was completed 10 years ago.† Mr. Reidhead explained that this milestone is an opportunity to assess the first decade of operation, and also to look at possible enhanced opportunities for economic development for farmsteads that can help retain their rural use.† Preserving agricultural lands is complicated by the fact that the average age of rural landowners is rising, and the value of farmsteads may be more than the economic return that a new owner could expect from traditional farming and ranching activities.† For example, the agricultural value for dry land is typically 10 to 20% of the residential subdivision development value.† For irrigated farmland, the agricultural value is in the range of 20 to 50% of the development value.† Mr. Reidheadís discussion included a power point presentation that showed statistics on the number of projects, the amount of residual land preserved, and comparisons with the number of residential lots that could have been created had the landowners elected to pursue a traditional development under the Countyís Land Use Code.†† Rural Land Use Board members Mark Korb and Troy Peterson introduced the EAB to the potential for strategic planning for an economic development pilot project.† The desired outcomes would be to preserve or enhance the rural landscape by supporting economic development in the Countyís rural lands.† One concept for considering these issues is a summit in early 2007 to include several County advisory boards together with the County Commissioners and staff.† The purpose would be to gather input about the most appropriate way to consider and support rural economic development.† The Environmental Advisory Board considered a summit to be a positive process, and noted that they would like to participate.† Devin Odell moved, and Jennifer Lee seconded a motion to send a letter of support to the County Commissioners for a summit with the EABís offer of participation.† The motion was approved unanimously.†


Parks Master Plan.

The Advisory Board had planned on considering making comments on the proposed Parks Master Plan.† However, members felt that since the final draft for public comment was not available they should postpone their review.


Election of Officers for 2007:

Dale Lockwood was elected Chair and David Gilkey Vice-Chair for calendar year 2007.


Approval of November Minutes:

The minutes from the November EAB meeting were approved as presented.



David Gilkey attended a lecture at CSU on November 29th given by Dr. Tami Bond from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois.† The topic was particulate matter air emissions and their impact on global warming.† In developing countries, small wood or coal burning facilities emit large amounts of black carbon that contributes significantly to global warming.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting


January Meeting Agenda:

No scheduled items as of this date.



The meeting ended at 8:30 with time to allow the EAB committees that are considering Environmental Priorities issues to coordinate on future committee activities.