November 14, 2006


Members In Attendance:



Sanjay Advani

Devin Odell

Gary Buffington, Parks and Open Lands

Mike Erickson

Jim Skarbek


Jennifer Lee

Tom Sneider


Dale Lockwood

Heidi Steltzer

Karen Wagner

Vic Meyer

Sherm Worthington



Bill Zawacki




Doug Ryan


Discussion Items:

Parks Master Plan.  Gary Buffington, Director of the Parks and Open Lands Department, provided an overview of the process for updating the County’s Parks Master Plan.  This update is intended to be a 10-year plan.  A 12-member citizen task force and the EDAW consulting firm are working with the Department on the project.  The Plan is in the draft alternatives phase.  Mr. Buffington provided a brief summary.  Overall Master Plan opportunities are outlined in the beginning of the document, followed by a listing of more specific opportunities for Horsetooth Reservoir, Carter Lake, Flatiron Reservoir, and Pinewood Reservoir.  Two environmental issues that are always important include water quality protection for the reservoirs, and determining the proper balance of active recreational uses and undeveloped areas where passive recreation and natural processes are favored.  The Department has expertise in both conservation and development aspects because they can take advantage of staff within the Open Lands and the Parks programs. 


The Advisory Board indicated that they would like to review the plan in greater detail and consider sending written comments to the Department and County Commissioners.  Jennifer Lee and Mike Erickson volunteered to coordinate on collecting and organizing individual member comments through an email process.  They will contact members soon to obtain any comments by the end of November.  This item will be scheduled for discussion at the December 12 meeting. 


Environmental Priorities.  The members discussed their ongoing Environmental Priorities Project.  Four topics have been considered during previous meetings.  Those were: invasive species (May 2006), water quality and quantity (July 2006), land use (August 2006), and transportation (October 2006).  Members concurred that these topics shared a common theme in that growth and development is a driving force that affects each issue.  Because of their scope, communication about these topics and ways to deal with them needs to occur on a regional basis in order for meaningful interventions to have much impact.  It was noted that the concept of sustainability is one way to tie the issue of growth and its impacts together.  Commissioner Wagner noted that some communities have developed processes to bring communities together to develop shared vision statements based on commonly held values. 


Members decided that they would like to proceed with this project on two fronts: one broad and the other more specific.  The first will be to look at community visioning processes aimed at values and sustainability topics.  A committee with members Tom Sneider, Vic Meyer, Jennifer Lee and Bill Zawacki will perform some background research and schedule a discussion with the full EAB in early 2007.


The other topic relates to transportation, and will examine the potential for use of alternative fuels by the County.  Members Jim Skarbek, Heidi Steltzer, Sanjay Advani and Mike Erickson will gather some initial information for a future report back to the full EAB.  The first steps will involve touching base with the County’s recycling committee, and discussions with Public Works Director Marc Engemoen.  Doug Ryan will check on the best staff contact for the recycling committee. 


BCC Liaison Comments:

Commissioner Wagner passed around a copy of the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Southern Rockies Canada Lynx Amendment.  If authorized, it would ultimately amend the Land and Resource Management Plans for several forests, including the Arapaho-Roosevelt.  The purpose and need is to establish management direction that conserves and promotes the recovery of lynx, and reduces or eliminates potential adverse effects from land management activities and practices on the Southern Rockies national forests, while preserving the overall multiple-use direction in existing Forest Plans.  Comments are due by February 15, 2007.  Complete information is available at:


Commissioner Wagner provided an update on the status of the proposed Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).  At this point the North Front Range Transportation and Air Quality Planning Council (the MPO) will lead the efforts to form an RTA until a broad-based coalition is assembled to take over the task.  A committee has been formed to outline a vision and principles statement for an RTA.  The committee includes representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, civic groups, environmental interests and the development business interest. 


Approval of October Minutes:

The minutes from the October 10, 2006 meeting were approved with corrections.



Heidi Steltzer informed the Board that a book launch party for the new book, Pulse of the River, will be held on Friday, December 1st from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins.  The book contains the contribution of 30 writers and poets.


Bill Zawacki mentioned an editorial in the November 14th Loveland Reporter Herald that supports forest thinning as a management tool to lower the risk of dangerous and damaging forest fires.  The article mentions the U.S. Forest Service’s preliminary Thompson River Fuels Reduction Project, and is available at:


Doug Ryan attended the Agricultural Advisory Board meeting on November 9th, and heard a presentation on wind power delivered by Jim Green of the National Wind Technology Center.  A wind energy map estimating wind power in Colorado at a height of 50 meters above the ground is available online at:


Doug Ryan provided an update on the complaint that was received about over-application of dust suppressants in the Cedar Park subdivision on September 12th.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a Compliance Advisory to the Cedar Park Road maintenance Association and its contractors ordering an explanation of the event and a plan of Best management Practices to prevent future occurrences.  The Advisory was issued based on evidence collected by the Larimer County Department of Health as part of a complaint investigation.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.  Vic Meyer’s name will be added as one of the EAB coordinators under the topic of forest management. 


December Meeting Agenda:

Rural Land Use Center, Parks Master Plan written comments, Election of Officers for 2007



The meeting ended at 8:10 pm.