November 8, 2005


Members In Attendance:



David Gilkey

Heidi Steltzer


Dale Lockwood

Marcia Van Eden


Jim Skarbek

Sherm Worthington


Tom Sneider

Bill Zawacki







Doug Ryan, Health and Environment


Discussion Items:


Roundup® Herbicide & Amphibians.  Tom Sneider provided an analysis of the issues surrounding use of the herbicide Roundup®.  Members received a handout with relevant information from that analysis.  At issue is the potential toxicity to amphibians through the use of Roundup® herbicide as reported in an article by RA Ralyea in the journal Ecological Applications.  It is thought that amphibian deaths noted by Ralyea are due primarily to the action of the surfactant polyethoxylated tallowamine, as opposed to the active ingredient glyphosate.  Mr. Sneider noted that based on information from a number of published studies, amphibian deaths would not be expected as a result of field application of Roundup® at rates specified on the label.  Nevertheless, it is important that consumers be aware of potential toxic effects near shallow water ecosystems.  Tom Sneider volunteered to contact the County weed district about how they communicate the importance of following label directions for all pesticide applications. 


Approval of October minutes:

The minutes for October were approved as presented.



Marcia Van Eden reported that she attended the first ad hoc committee meeting of the North Front Range MPO concerning regional transportation corridors.  The committee will be assisting the MPO’s technical committee with prioritization of corridors.  A likely outcome will be to assign transportation projects to a number of tiers that are ranked by priority.  With a tiered system, a delay in one project cold allow shifting resources to others within the same priority tier so that more continuous progress could be maintained. 


Doug Ryan noted that the County Commissioners reviewed the EAB recommendations for the 2005 Environmental Stewardship Awards, and concurred with those recommendations.  The three recipients will be recognized on December 19 at the Commissioners’ televised land use meeting. 


Doug Ryan informed the members that the County Commissioners intend to solicit input from the EAB and other advisory boards concerning the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Northern Integrated Supply Project (which includes the proposed Glade Reservoir).  The Army Corps expects that the draft EIS will be released for public review in April or May of 2006.  Staff will work with the Corps to schedule a joint review session with the Commissioners and advisory boards.  Any review comments generated by the advisory boards will be directed to the County Commissioners for their consideration as they formulate the official County Government comments. 


Doug Ryan informed the Advisory Board that the Army Corps has released a draft Soil Removal Actions Work Plan for removing PCB contaminated soils associated with three Atlas Missile sites in Larimer and Weld County.  Members indicated that they would like to review the draft.  This will be scheduled for the regular December meeting. 


Bill Zawacki reported that a new open space area on County Road 19 between Loveland and Fort Collins has been named “Prairie Ridge”.  This area is part of the community separator project adopted by the County and both cities. 


Dave Gilkey noted that he reviewed the annual “Recyclone Times” newspaper insert that was prepared by Cheryl Kolus and the Solid Waste Department in partnership with the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins.  Jim Skarbek said that he also had a chance to review it.  Both noted the very high degree of professionalism that went into the product and offered congratulations to Cheryl and the Solid Waste Department. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the November meeting. 


December 13th Agenda:

Items to be considered include an update on the Big Thompson Watershed Forum, the Atlas Missile site soil cleanup plan, and election of officers for 2006.



The meeting ended at 7:30 pm.